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Friday 31 May 2013

Blasphemy :

to be fortunate
and unhappy.

The greatest criminals in history

were not Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Reagan and their ilk
- but their parents: father's sperm and mother's milk.

As a child I gravitated

towards old people and 'rough' children.
The only bullying I ever got
was from middle-class snobs,
and in prison I was treated very well
by the kind of men I was brought up
to ignore, if not despise -
and now I have respect
for maggots, rats and flies.

Thursday 30 May 2013

Simple mathematics

The only mathematics
worth learning:

the more humans,
the more evil.


Its only merit
is that it has
              staggered along

- until now.
'all things will be perfectly resolved'
in abortion.

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Meet 'Pony'

She is an orang-utan from a small village in Borneo,
another part of Indonesia where victims of greed
have cut down the rain-forest
to plant the palms
that produce the palm oil
that gets sold abroad and shipped in tankers
and made into lip salve, ice cream,
chocolates, and cheese crackers
for zombies.

She has been shaved
so that she can be fucked
and fucked, and fucked,
and fucked, and fucked,
and fucked...

"...it was a novelty for many of the men to have sex with an orang-utan. 
They shaved her every other day - which meant that her skin was all pimples 
and was very irritated. The mosquitoes would get to her very badly 
and the bites would become septic and be very infected, 
as she would scratch them constantly. 
They would put rings and necklaces on her. 
She was absolutely hideous to look at."

But a good fuck.

[read more]

Life is

an unconnected toilet

to the favoured as to the less favoured.

But millions of women
face rape
as well as ordinary
daily anguish
as they shit in the dark
behind a bush.

Tuesday 28 May 2013

One of this blog's readers.

See an 18-minute documentary about him HERE.
In English, with Danish subtitles. 
The literal translation of the Danish title is
'From bank-robber to refund-hunter'.

Why should life be struggle ?

why could life not be a single, simple
perfect form
gently floating in the sea or atmosphere ?
on another planet in another galaxy somewhere ?

Why do I hate struggle ?
What is it about quietude and balance
that seems attractive ?

What's so wonderful about purpose and persistence,
endurance, courage - all terrible, destructive qualities ?
Why does glaringly-defective human
reason so rarely ask such questions ?


"Nothingness is our origin
and it is that to which
our nostalgia should turn."

- Thomas Ligotti

Even with a hearing-aid.

When you're a bit deaf
thimble sounds exactly
like symbol,
and civilised
is indistinguishable
from syphilised.

Monday 27 May 2013

A true

Love Story

Certified Suitable for Viewing by
Prairie Dogs, Slow Lorises and Hamsters.

Make sure you have a hanky handy.

The wickedness of people

exceeds mere criminality
and often is not criminal at all.

We think better of the dead

than we do of the living.
Although this tendency
was always so, nowadays
we live not only in a culture of blame,
but worse - a culture of no-praise.

The silliest people

are sometimes the most

Sunday 26 May 2013


in France
are the bourgeois bohémiens:
the shallow generation of 1968
who claim to care about 'art', 'liberty', 'society',
'the environment', working practices
in Bangladesh, dolphins, and the planet -
but shop in hypermarkets all the same
and all the time, and breed,
ignore the 'marginals' and beggars,
and actively support a society
of lush medicalised and subsidised comfort
based on shameless post-Christian greed.

Militarist hysteria

On the Jingoland Broadcasting service
I heard a contributor describe
the murder of a single serving soldier
in London described as 'a massacre'.

Saturday 25 May 2013

The effect of language

is murderously apparent.
Almost all animals are,
and almost no human is,

Friday 24 May 2013

Same-sex marriage

will soon be possible
(despite much Christian opposition)
in Britain, France and Canada
thanks to recently-enacted laws
(but not, of course, in Ireland) -
so I'm hoping that Inter-species
unions will now appeal to
campaigning liberals without a cause,
so I can wed a splendid lady
with gorgeous ears and paws.

Dína xxx

Green Sea Turtle

being cleaned. 

Photo by Peter Liu Photography

For unnumbered millions of men

sex is evacuation
rather than celebration

which is why I gave up seeking
sensuality with them,
and now think homosexuality
(unlike our warped cognition)
might be an improvable condition.

Thursday 23 May 2013


Like a small iceberg amongst tall ships
Like a ship among icebergs

I often, quickly, feel out of place
in most human company
from which I usually have the urge
a little later to remove myself.
Always anomalous,
I'm out of place in life itself,
for which I am a kind of skinny dirge...

"The free, independent spirit who commits himself to no dogma 
and will not decide in favour of any party
has no homestead on earth."
—Stefan Zweig

Tristes mathématiques

How can any
- let alone every -
human life be 'sacred'
or even matter
when we number billions ?

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Tuesday 21 May 2013

The Queen of England has expressed her grief

at a few lives lost in an American tornado -
but never at any loss of native life in Iraq
where her subjects helped to create
a mayhem beyond belief.


is another word for 'disgusting' or 'horrible'.
The French adjective bête (from Latin bestia: beast)
means 'stupid'.  Language is no more transparent
than television, is a distorting construct
by which we experience the world
‘as through a glass darkly’ - and so
our entrenched, insane,
annihilating attitude to animals
has made 'life' synonymous with 'pain'.


same-sex marriage -
which some think blasphemous -
is utterly harmless - but only as long
as reproduction with the help
of a Third Party (or Parties)
or a 'FrankenPill'
is not involved.  But inevitably
and increasingly it will.

Monday 20 May 2013

Progress - or Peace ?

A few of us would prefer peace,
for which one need not go
dreaming backwards to a Golden Age
before the rise of human rage,
but remain - just so.

The selfishness of discoverers

deprives us of interesting

Sunday 19 May 2013

I watched television last night !

and saw the Eurovision Noise and Lights Contest.
It is not unreasonable to judge a culture by its
Lowest Common Denominator - and I guess
this event might well swell the numbers of
Wahhabi converts year on year.

The Moldovan clothes horse was burned as a witch.
The Swedish youth would have been even sexier
if he had just stood there and smiled.
The Spanish entry featured the Galician bagpipes
in an act which seemed extremely tasteful
after Finland's demonstration of pubescent vulgarity.

Seasick Steve did not represent Norway, alas!
But Malta had lovely trousers and sang ever so sweetly,
having transported a park bench all the way to Malmö.
Armenia sang about a Lonely Planet he didn't seem to be on.
Romania (with the highest incidence of anti-homosexual
hate-crime in the EU) featured Count Dragula as
the undead Freddy Mercury singing in wonderful falsetto -

in contrast to the Vaguely-United Kingdom's bonnie
popsie who sang baritone.

Hungary (for the second time) shyly presented
the only genuine song.  Greece - most surprisingly -
gave us an entertaining piece of self-parody,
while Iceland's entry was tasteful
and verged on the sincere...

I went to bed depressed, with frazzled brain -
but maybe I won't join the Wahhabis this year.

Nobody survives


Saturday 18 May 2013

Same-sex marriage is now legal in France,

with the sensible proviso that the right
to wed does not imply the right to breed
by means of surrogates. Meanwhile
the right to bait inedible
badgers nine months of the year
and hunt them in their setts with an estimated
90,000 dogs remains inalienable
in a country which despises
everything that is animal.

Every improvement

in money-driven technology
is matched by money-driven
loss of consciousness.
The world is run by men
who never had a rite of passage
into adulthood, and thus
remain small, damaged,
adrenalin-addicted children.
We have shrunk life to physics,
status, mathematics, money -
and even bees are dying:
no nectar - no honey...

'A doctor should never try to cure the incurable,'

wrote Stefan Zweig.
Given that humans have turned themselves into
phoney pack-animals, they love charismatic
leaders, no matter how obviously dreadful*.
A nation-state can govern
only the stupidly-governable.

*e.g. in recent times: Berlusconi, Milosević , Putin...

Friday 17 May 2013

One of the several

books of lies speaks of
separating sheep and goats,
with no mention of shoats
(and certainly not shelves).
Doctrines of collective identity
are designed so that we subsume
- if not reject - our selves.

Stefan Zweig asked

Why is it that stupid people
are so often so good-natured ?

—Because intelligence either is malign
or very soon becomes malignant.

On the BBC's 'Desert Island Discs' programme,

Damien Hirst
said that he would rather have
'Dad' on his gravestone
than 'Artist',
not bothering to consider
that every father's
seminal embrace
has actively helped
towards turning the world
into a vast desert island,
a huge gravestone.
revolving in space.


Thursday 16 May 2013

Are we our genitals

(to a large extent) ?
Men— rigid, wilful
driving home intentions,
points and arguments
to prove their prime;
Women— pliant,
generous, fluent, subtle
(at least some of the time)...


You no longer go
visiting your granny — no
you have an
Intergenerational Encounter
with an aged relative!

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Round in Circles

Some psychologists
and even some psychiatrists - defined
by their proclamations - now proclaim
that there is no such thing
as organic 'mental illness', that
'schizophrenia' is a chimæra
and 'bipolar condition' does not exist.
When, in the 1960s, Ronald Laing
suggested that societies are mentally sick
rather than people, he was dismissed
as an unhinged, transitory, clattery
fringe-figure on the wild side
of respectable psychiatry.

Mae West and Woody Allen

are both credited with a quotation
which goes (there are variations,
you understand) :
'Sex is like bridge -
if you don't have a good partner
you need a good hand'.

But you need rather more than that —
a psycho-sensual concordat.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

The problem with the sky

in daytime as at night
is that it is so poorly

The European Mentality.

The husband of a notorious
British Prime Minister
declared unending war
on daisies - hence
on the insects that thrive with them.

I shudder to think of his reaction
to butterfly-attracting nettles, feral buddleja
and rampant, bee-friendly rosebay-willowherb
so named because both flowers and leaves resemble those
of the toxic oleander, known in France as 'laurier-rose'
and formerly in England as 'rose-bay'
— also called fireweed because,
after London's great conflagration
it was the first flower (or 'garden pest')
to rise from the incineration
and dance ruddily upon the devastation.

(But I have digressed...)

Following the principle

that we condemn in others
what we most dislike within ourselves,
the French are
Cartesian automata.

Monday 13 May 2013

Just five profound and unanswerable questions:

How real is time if it
can speed up and go backwards ?
Does 'the sky' exist ?
Does the word 'reality'
have any meaning
beyond 'a mysterious whole
which we have
almost infinitely compartmented' ?
Why could there not be forms of life
not based on carbon ?
Is mathematics just
the most sophisticated,
rite of prophecy
so far invented ?

—  read on...

The oldest intellectual sport:

pricking airheads,
giving them hilarious nicknames.
No prizes offered for working out
why it was excluded
from the modern (pseudo-)
Olympic Games.

Sunday 12 May 2013

As more and more children's lives

are amputated  more and more
expensively at more and more schools,
with ever more totalitarian
so we will prolong ever more
expensively, ever longer,
ever more pharmaceutically, their wrecked

Few topics of conversation are more cheering -

indeed more empowering
when you're feeling low -
than death and suicide.

Now that we have 'progressed'
from money economies
to money societies
everywhere - from tiny Montserrat
to vast and pullulating Cathay -
the liveliest place in any town
is my globally-franchised,
®Suicide Café.

Saturday 11 May 2013


an outrageous higher being,
gets a splendid sexy feeling
from putting her thumb in her navel.
She feels great pleasure travel
the whole length of her spine
and into her brain:
many would opine
that this is a serpentine
Kundalini Awakening.

For some Virgoan reason, mine
is awakened only by
shaking any old rug vehemently.


is the new Ordinary.
I am happy to be
an ordinary
ornery anomaly.

News is Presentation

Yesterday's announcement
that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere
had reached their highest for 5 million years or more
at 400 parts per million, would not have seemed
so urgent and dramatic had the figure been put
at 0.004%.

Friday 10 May 2013

That scoundrel's music!

That damned piano quintet!
I am prone to infection
by ear-worms.  Despite attempts
to shift it with music for sarod and 'oud
and plainchant psalms,
for two weeks now,
phrases from the marvellous
piano quintet (the Busch/Serkin recording)
by the "scoundrelBrahms
have been chasing
each other through my brain.
Perhaps I'll never play it again.

Science is a process

of exorcising the numinous.

Thursday 9 May 2013

"Every wave,

regardless of how high and mighty it peaks,
must eventually collapse within itself."
 —  Stefan Zweig

The Human Trinity:

Conceit and arrogance
born out of stupidity.

My New, Exciting project, an Inspiring and Scholarly Work :

HIMMLER AND POOH - Achieving the Impossible, Decently.

Heinrich Himmler:  'Most of you know what it means when 100 corpses lie there, or when 500 corpses lie there, or when 1,000 corpses lie there. To have gone through this and - apart from a few exceptions caused by human weakness - to have remained decent, that has made us great. That is a page of glory in our history which has never been written and which will never be written...'
October 4, 1943.

Winnie-the-Pooh: 'People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.'

with thanks to Karl

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Why so many of us enjoy a good ghost story.

(re-blogged from http://imgur.com)

The other day I was fitted

with a neat and digital hearing-aid. 
It tickles my ear. 
It's another thing to look after
in my joyous old age -
to mislay, or forget to turn off,
or fish out of the bath -
and where did I put that phone number
and e-mail address for when the two-month
free supply of batteries runs out ?
A battery lasts only five days or so...
(And where did I put
the battery-charger for the camera ?)

It's just as well I'm not important enough
to have a mobile phone!
The car-keys are always in the car
and of course I never lock the house
because I lost the key some twenty years ago.

In a world full of gadgets
there is too much to remember -
and ever more 'stuff' to get to know...
But if I can manage the Instruments
of Advanced Living, and if my energy
is not too diminished and dispersed
I may enjoy my second childhood
(with greater liberty and a wry
appreciation of irony)
much more than my first.


the balloon
a second time.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Any deity

that requires his or her (or its)
to re-iterate his or her (or its)
his or her (or its)
is a bitter
and pathetic critter.

Thought in time of war

To sleep well
one needs an eventful life
- but not a living hell.

Ingest, Digest, Excrete, Repeat...

In the unlikely event
that there is an afterlife
or are afterlives,
I may have 'committed
suicide' several times before
and may do again...and again...

Monday 6 May 2013

For men, especially,

and especially in Northern cultures,
the whole point of alcohol
is its power to intoxicate - yet
it is manly praise for a man
to be able to 'hold his drink'
(i.e. not to sink into happy drunkenness).
What depressing, stupid double-think!
If only such emotional wrecks
would have the same approach to sex!

I was born blessed

by the absence of a father,
and am even more blessed now
not to have a wife or progeny.
But, like every other animal, I was cursed
with the bleak 'miracle of life'.
(which can justifiably be viewed as
an anti-miracle from which to flee)
and my poor mother
doubly cursed by giving birth to me.

Sunday 5 May 2013

More compact than a haiku.

Spring Cleaning.
on the duvet airing.

Long, long before I read "Zen

and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"
(which I acquired with my third-hand motorbike),
I had devoted my life to Quality
in everything from painting to pissing
(which, incidentally,
can be done beautifully and simultaneously).
Now, a chastely-cultural hippopotamus
"below the poverty-line" and missing
out on none of it, I am wallowing in quality.

No time for Red Riding Hat.

A wolf in sheep's clothing
is just a cold canine in winter
who managed to get into a secondhand
shop and find a nice woolly sweater.

Saturday 4 May 2013


said Montaigne,
"is just sophisticated poetry".
If so, there's not much of it around.
There isn't much good poetry around, either.

(but read Antisthenes' Symposium Speech)

A cheap quip

(don't my world-wide readers agree ?)

есть большая разница между платным и бесплатным сексом
- бесплатный стоит дороже.

A pénzen vett és az ingyenes szex közötti nagy különbség az,
hogy a pénzen vett szex rendszerint olcsóbb!

η μεγάλη διαφορά μεταξύ του αγοραίου έρωτα και του δωρεάν έρωτα είναι
ότι ο αγοραίος έρωτας κοστίζει λιγότερο.

Paralı seks ile beleş seks arasındaki büyük fark,
paralı seksin daha az maliyetli olmasıdır!

Der große Unterschied zwischen Sex gegen Geld und kostenlosem Sex ist,
dass Sex gegen Geld weitaus günstiger ist!

(Tamil translation not available)

- Brendan Behan, superficial Irish playwright.

When not bleating about 'Family Values'

political parties
in Britain and America
ever more shrilly align
themselves to
'hardworking people',
forgetting that the hardest-
working people are slaves.

Friday 3 May 2013

A stolen two-line poem

I wonder why

the long-established Liberal

(even France)
are suddenly subscribing
to same-sex marriage:
the biggest 'advance'
in that institution
for seven centuries.

Can it only be
because they see
it as the only hope
of shoring up the crumbling Family -
though same-sex 'connubial bliss'
is its (proto-Christian, mystic)
antithesis ?


is a very good and reliable
friend who never outstays her welcome -
but I would rather turn into drink
than turn to drink.

Thursday 2 May 2013

This is not a 1970s serving-dish


but Acanthurus leucosternon, an actual fish.

The Great Freud

was Anna
- though all the Freuds
were in love with 'normality',
not realising that a difficult
or 'problematic' childhood
might lead to true, cheerful
and humble individuality.

More Compact than a Haiku

Like used toilet-paper
camellia flowers in frost.

Wednesday 1 May 2013


to be authentically
Without comfort
a nihilist cannot
pretend to be
more than a
miserable solipsist.

More than knees are wounded

by the depressingly-cheap
American Dream.
The life-expectancy for "Indian" men
is just 48.
Only those of European origin
are allowed to sleep.