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Friday 30 June 2023

Two thoughts about a religion.

"Why thou shalt not kill ?
Killing someone is doing them a favour
and God hates that sort of thing."

Our Lady of the Assassins (El Virgen de los Sicarios),
   Colombia, 2000.

Jesus (or maybe it was Judas) said
There is too much patriarchy.
Peter had him crucified. 

Thursday 29 June 2023

After Ghalib.

Breathing is madness.
It is hard to stop.
But, unlike the rain,
once stopped
it doesn't start again.

Wednesday 28 June 2023

Since 'Tin-pan Alley',

so many songs:
the same banal melody,
hackneyed (knock-kneed) lyrics,
hothouse emotions
of childish girls and boys,
a parasitic industry
and much empty noise.

Tuesday 27 June 2023


is a statue shat on by birds.

 – Our Lady of the Assassins (El Virgen de los Sicarios),
    Colombia, 2000.

Monday 26 June 2023

I agree, Mirza,

that some of what I write
is hard to take.
But if I wrote acceptably
it and I would just be fake.

Sunday 25 June 2023

Like Italians of 1500 years ago,

and the English and the French of 150 years ago,
Americans fearfully believe (and promulgate
to all Barbarians and Lesser Breeds)
that they are the world they dominate.

Friday 23 June 2023

Thursday 22 June 2023

Book in a Box.

A chap wrote to me
asking if I would send him a signed copy
of one of my books, published in 1985.
I don't have spare copies, of course,

but I looked online to check on prices, and found
this picture of a $60 first edition (unsigned).

Below this curious and awkward image, however,
was a neat synopsis, which I have copied 'for the record':

Sexually explicit sculptures may be found on a number of medieval churches in France and Spain. This fascinating study examines the origins and purposes of these sculptures, viewing them not as magical fertility symbols, nor even as idols of ancient pre-Christian religions, but as serious works that dealt with the sexual customs and salvation of medieval folk, and thus gave support to the Church's moral teachings.

NOT The Banshees of Inisherin.


A county Donegal cottage 1978 by Le Garsmeur.
According to my memory around the same time
an authentic photo, but the dog is missing.

Wednesday 21 June 2023


No animal knows
how limited it is.

But most animals know
their limits,

unlike humans
who become more limited
as they become more powerful.

I languish in the no-mans-land
between language, feeling and the world.  

Tuesday 20 June 2023

'Mother Country'

My mother was not a country
but a 'fallen woman'.
Ireland, at best, was a distant
disapproving cousin.

I first saw this twelfth-century sculpture

in 1976, on a Romanesque church in the west of France.
I thought it was a representation of drunkenness
amongst other depictions of sins particularly condemned
by the moralists of the 11th and 12th centuries.
I was (of course) wrong.  It shows a sinful man,
but he is not a drunkard.  He is a musician, a category
loathed by the Christian Moralists because, to them,
music meant dancing, and dancing meant sex.

Corbels on the outside of churches often showed
Unchristian Behaviour and Spectacle,
and featured acrobats, contortionists, dancing bears,
exhibitionists, mummers and actors, lascivious animals
(pigs and dogs being the most common).

This corbel*, on the parish church at Givrezac
in western France, shows a Dolio-player,
not a man drinking straight from a barrel.
Because non-religious music led to sexual immorality
he is shown with diabolical (pointy) genitals.
He is also wearing a horned cap, such as an actor
or jongleur might wear,
to emphasise his devilish unacceptabliity.

Hundreds of such corbels can be seen on French and Spanish churches.

The consumption of alcohol was not discouraged
because weak beers and wines were the only liquids
(apart from milk)
that could be drunk safely, especially on the busy Pilgrim (Religious-tourist)
Roads to Rome and Compostela, along which monasteries
(mostly Benedictine) ran canteens and dormitories
and hospices and mortuary (and probably insurance) services. 

In the twelfth century over a million Pilgrims (Religious Tourists)
crossed the Pyrenees on their way to Santiago de Compostela.
and so it goes

*a corbel is a bracket support for an architectural weight,
in this case the weight of a barrel-vaulted roof
resting on a beam of stone or wood laid along the wall of the nave of a church.
The word derives from the French for Raven
(corbeau, corbie in vernacular English)
– don't ask me why!  Perversely, the French for this type of  figurative corbel is modillon.


Monday 19 June 2023

After Ghalib.

Let the hypocrites,
the voluptuous ascetics,
drone on about the Paradise Garden,

victim of the spade
and heavenly herbicide.

Sunday 18 June 2023

When all your memories are sad

you'll know that you have reached old age.

On the sinking of yet another refugee boat.

"Journey's End.

How hard we try to reach death safely,
luggage intact, each child accounted for..."

Linda Pastan, from Selected Poems, London 1979.

Saturday 17 June 2023

On Eavesdropping.

I discovered that most conversations contained
small, almost unnoticeable lies.

Henning Mankell

A present I received today.

A wonderfully-insane corkscrew for my collection.

Friday 16 June 2023

The curse of literacy

gradually diminished human consciousness,
by shifting it from an internal
location in sound
to external artefacts
which we had, expensively,
to learn to read –
a process which sucked out and reduced our minds
while we were being programmed to depend upon it.

Printing, cinema, television and smartphones
have all contributed to the Great Diminishing
of human consciousness,
which has been so restricted and enfeebled
that it can now be encompassed and expressed by robots.

Thursday 15 June 2023

Wednesday 14 June 2023


we are not only allowed
but induced to become
angry vegetables.

Tuesday 13 June 2023

All you, you all out there

don't seem to realise
that all the Aliens in this galaxy
were deported – or perhaps they flocked –
to Planet Earth
to miscegenate and multiply
in regenerating misery.

After their tusks were ripped out

male African elephants were generally left to rot,
though their ears were sometimes used as plates.

Monday 12 June 2023

I wonder why

in the theomanic USA – where there are so many churches,
and so many tax-exempt businesses
calling themselves churches –
that there is no Church of the Cosmic Antichrist ?

All contributions gratefully accepted
in the Holy and Cosmic Campaign
for the establishment of the True Religion
of the Future and Infinite Zeitgeist.

A Great Leader

 more honest than most.

Sunday 11 June 2023


As empires become larger, more transient
and more destructive, the miasmic empire
of the USA strangles and corrupts, pollutes
and dehydrates the planet
with its puritan, prurient consumerist morality

while it collapses bleakly into the category
Failed Experiment in Individualist
Majoritarian Democracy.

Living, laughing,

loving, leaving –

how felicitous the English language!

Saturday 10 June 2023

Christianity vs suicide : theologic.

The reason why most Christians consider suicide
to be worse than murder, mass-murder or genocide

is that it is impossible to repent after killing yourself.
But if you tried,
mere verbal repentance before a priest
is enough to exonerate you – if you haven't died.

To be poor is misery.

To be a poor Palestinian
is a calvary.

Friday 9 June 2023

Is there any feeling

other than terror
that is not 'mixed' ?

I'm glad that I'm alone in my senescence.
I don't feel deprived.
Friends and family might only
keep me unwillingly alive.


Thursday 8 June 2023

As a child, and even now,

I couldn’t identify bullies and traitors
amongst teachers and fellow-pupils
until they bullied and betrayed me. 
(They were not many,
but they were disheartening.) 

Even then,
I didn’t give them as wide a berth as I should have,
thinking that they might 'give over'
if I could (as a boy who could not fight,
but just curled up like a spineless hedgehog ?)

somehow win their favor.

I think that my ‘theory of mind’ must be defective.

Hitler's certainly was.

Bible banned in Utah schools.

First ban, then burn for its profanity.
(Savonarola, Hitler...)
I always thought the Bible
was a grim and macho vanity.

Wednesday 7 June 2023


has been made fluffy
and put in a pet-hamster box.

No-one has considered that Stalin or Hitler
might have been on the autistic spectrum.
If so, they have probably been silenced
and expelled from Club Global Psychobabble.

The world (obviously) belongs to
and is defined by the relentlessly normal,

whom I find shallow.
I had considerable fellow-feeling
(on writing this two months ago)
with the end-of-season, wrinkled, sallow
Brussels Sprouts that I was peeling.

Tuesday 6 June 2023

"Being free

means that you actually end up in situations where you won’t actually feel like you have a whole bunch of options.” 

Professor Timothy Snyder


Monday 5 June 2023

The English countryside,

according to the BBC and famous litter-picker David Sedaris,
is blighted by trash. This is certainly true of Ireland. 
But in rural France I can drive for 20 miles
without seeing a speck of litter or an abandoned mattress,
though I once saw a rusty Citroën 2CV looking good
covered with ivy, vines and periwinkle in a wood.

Saturday 3 June 2023


Apart from individual degenerative
diseases of the brain and body,
growing old is itself a degeneration.  

And humans are perhaps
a degenerative disease of evolution.

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse will soon be a Platoon.


Thursday 1 June 2023

Though he didn't smoke,

I had a friend whose armpits
smelled deliciously of moist pipe-tobacco
and cardamom.

I don't eat anything which has eyes,
but my pyjama-top this morning
had a pleasant odour of smoked ham.

Paintings on the Street.

Three of my paintings (dating from between 1967 and 2023), which I have hung 24/7 on the trafficless street outside my house. The few sheople who pass don't notice them.  They are looking at their zombiphones.

Sunset, detail

Lemminkäinen and the Old Woman of Pohja.

Detail of hArtMonies/arTgent

The triumph of mutual unintelligibility.

The older I get
the faster people seem to talk –
but maybe people really
are speaking ever more quickly.