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Saturday 30 June 2012

If I were to choose

(how limitedly, arrogantly European an idea!)
a subsequent human life (rather than an Ebola virus)
I would not be an archæologist, nor a wine-maker,
nor an atheist undertaker,
nor a bee-keeper,
nor a shepherd,
nor a plumber, nor even a blessèd
and soon-to-be defunct  street-sweeper,
nor an anthropologist, nor a lord-leaper
nor a holy sewage-treater...
I would choose
(and Euro-Americans and Jews
would call me stupid)
to be be a humble and hopeless interpreter
of the abstract, meditational, passionately
dispassionate music called Dhrupad.

I'm half-sure

that it's not the case
that most men are 'bad at' sex.
It's just that I don't 'turn on'
or even meet those few
who are 'good at' it.

Friday 29 June 2012

The Temple of Art

Look !
There's the world hung on a piece of wood!
It says that the piece of wood came
from a poisoned tree
from among the hills
of a land turned to dust.
The nails came from satanic mills.
The cord came from the universities
for the Upper Crust.
The world is jerking and bleeding
in a very painterly way.
Now let us go down
on our knees and pray.

'Man the protector of the planet'

                       IF ONLY !

Thursday 28 June 2012


is merely process
towards entropy,
as food to shit,
and shit to humus,
and humus to plants
or anthills.

A definition of Evil

by an eminent French professor of sociology:
'treating people like animals.'

My definition of Evil:
the way we treat animals.

Wednesday 27 June 2012

I agree with Che

that intellectuals should commit suicide
'as a class' - but only if they possess
that they fried their brains to get.


in a meritocracy
is a fiction
created by competitive
systems of education.

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Quote of the Month

'Majorities are always wrong.' 
                                                 —  D.I.O'Genes.

translation from the Old Irish © MMXII by Anthony Weir.

Bees, Prisoners, Terrorists - and Phones

Is it just an accident of language
that our whole world is divided into

Another kind of man-created desert.

We spend millions of €uros
to mow millions of hectares
to make almost-lifeless lawns.

The Finality of George the Last

Monday 25 June 2012

The Power of Bleach.

I am fascinated by the concept of the Zombi.
For people living in the armpit of Africa
a zombi was a dead person revived for manipulation
by a sorcerer, a person whose spirit had departed
but who was not properly dead.  To most Africans
white people were zombies, manipulated by
Queen Victoria or King Leopold or the Great White
Bearded God in the sky and His Black Book of the Dead.
And today, when zombies rule the world right down to
the holder of the fifth-hand cell-phone
in the tiniest African house-cluster,
power resides in lifeless-deathless moneyed whiteness.

Sunday 24 June 2012

As I get older,

dreams about my aunt and about my mother
seem to get more vivid and more frequent.
So I can understand how people could come
to think that they get closer to the Dead
in a cellular and cinematic
Afterlife which is projected only in their head.

Ghosts, gods, souls and afterlife.

All evidence is against them
All belief is for them.
What, therefore, is belief,
but a thought-crime against nature ?

Saturday 23 June 2012

A subject for a thesis :

Ignorance is infinite.
Innit ?

One of our closest relatives

Bonobo chimpanzees
have a lazy, sensual
life of ease
grooming each other,
shooting the breeze
by playing with each other's sexual parts,
pulling fruit from trees.

But we have evolved.
So evolution's a disease. 

Friday 22 June 2012

Montaigne thought

mankind's Fatal Flaw
to be presumptuousness.
But this itself is just a by-product of
the Original Sin of solipsism.


people in earlier times
were wiser than we are,
maybe had greater foresight.
In Roman times moralists declared
the lending of money at interest

Moneylender, with moneybag, cocking a snook, 12th century.                                

to be one of the very worst sins,
a theme graphically stressed
by Christian monks at the dawn
of capitalism nearly a thousand years ago.

Moneylender, with moneybag, pulled by demons into the jaws of Hell, 12th century.

Thursday 21 June 2012

Radovan Karadžić trained as a psychiatrist.

Psychologists (typically almost as unintuitive
as the average psychiatrist - and I speak
as one who has had experience of both
kinds of distant being)
are (only now!) starting to realise
that very young babies can make jokes
and play tricks on adults without having
'a theory of mind' (a silly, obfuscating
phrase meaning Empathy).

But any aware dog-owner
will tell you that some (if not all) dogs
(despised and 'unclean' in 'major' religions)
not only recognise themselves in mirrors
but also have a developed sense of humour.

(Of course most humans have little
or no empathy  - or theory of mind
- for other animals.)

Click here to read the International Criminal Court's indictment
of  Radovan Karadžić.

Globally speaking,

most facial disfigurement
is caused by the teeth of rats.

Some people will do anything to get themselves looked at.

- even if not admired.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Is it hilarious, or is it scarious ?

(since penetration really misses the point
of same-sex sensuality, it might not be such a terrible idea -
until you read their reasons.)

Ten Reasons why God Hates France.

Education is designed

to make us unthink
in parallel with those businessmen,
investors, advertising agencies,
politicians and dictators
who run the world.

But, for many, it is an unattainable
alternative to horrible child-labour.

Such a pity

that the invention of the cement-mixer,
pneumatic drill,
and other terrible machines
was required before the invention of
the contraceptive pill,
discovery of DNA
and chromosomes and genes.

Because the Urban Work Ethic

(widely advanced by mediæval monks)
dictates that labour in itself is virtuous
(no matter how pointless or destructive),
that tidiness is beauty,
and the natural world exists
entirely for us to manage
and pettily triumph over,
most gardens
are pretty little deserts.

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Literal and iconographic palimpsest.

 Top photo taken in New York  © 2012 by Tom Bevan Imagic.

Within romantic love

there are crevasses of pleasure,
and chasms
which neither love nor pleasure can bridge.


looked into the mire-bottomed
pool of his mind,
and was amazed, absorbed
by its complexity, mere
narcotic complexity.

is now called Entropy.
(now called Humanity)
never looked out again
and died in the rotting
labyrinth of his brain.

(with acknowledgement to Wooden Post)

My mind

like a magpie
tugs maggots from
the newborn corpse of the day.

Monday 18 June 2012

This may look like


a piece of flotsam,
but it is
a sea-otter sleeping.

What few people know about croissants.

Apart from the story that they were created in Vienna
to celebrate the defeat of the Ottoman forces
whose standard was the crescent moon
(in which case, why are they not cruciform ?) —
there is a much more important thing to know:
they should be made - or at least be baked - at home.
The perfect croissant will mis-shape or deflate
when picked up, so most people eat imperfect ones,
over-cooked (and tasting overcooked) to keep a rigid shape
for the world of mere appearance.

The tragedy of politics

is that it (or is it 'they' ?)
are so rarely pragmatic
or evidence-based,
so often doctrinal,
one sect against another
or the others.
Religion, politics -
what's the difference ?

Useful replies

to the inane
if not impertinent question

 "How are you ?"

— Just struggling on.
— Getting closer to the grave
        (or bosom of Abraham).
— Same as when you last asked me.
— Feeling nearly as bad as you look. 
— Mouldering away.
— Same as ever.
— Better (or worse) than yesterday.
— Just holding together.

(any good answer welcome!) 

Suggestions (see commentaries below) include:

— Nohow. (which is more cryptic in English than sehogy is in Hungarian).
— I'm fine, but it's the others...
—  Better than anyone I know.

Sunday 17 June 2012

It wasn't 'sex'

which was invented around 1963
(in the fulness of time for me
just out of my biological
adolescence - as well
as for the older, surlier
Philip Larkin), but 'teenagers',
as a big-time Marketing Target
some eight or nine years earlier.

Although I love

12th century churches
with sculptures on,
one of my many
counter-cultural opinions
is that mere persecution
is too good
for self-proclaiming Christians.

Saturday 16 June 2012

'Bloomsday' Blog.


1. Given that I think language is an environmental disaster,
why, by the cheese of Jesus' ripped-off foreskin,
am I writing
what almost nobody is reading ?
And who cares ?

And - to continue the thoughtline - why are there dozens of great (I use the word advisedly) novelists writing in English, mainly female, mainly in the dispiriting British Isles - and almost no poets ? 
Is it just that the Greekless Captains of Capitalism have Decided that we All Must Live In Prose ?


2. Early Closing Day in bleak Belfast was Wednesday.
It was Thursday in dirty Dublin, when a man in a
ridiculously famous novel written mainly for
the AcLitRacket,
boringly perambulated that unfriendly
cock-unfriendly, unmuscled city.
(But of course all cities are unfriendly,
that's why they were put there.)

I have read hgundreds if not thoqusands of novels
in my time (though not Uliss\z, which is only
for committed noah-all heterosexuals) and
duller than Dreyfus or Proust.  It seems to me
that those who overprays Joys ludicrously
underprèz Gorki, Hašek, Kafka, Hamsun, Cervantes,
Zola, Chekov, and, indeed 'Flann O'Brien'  (just to skim the
rich scum of the surface).

Forgive the typos.
The more I read, the more I come to think
that language is what separates us from reality,
has horribly turned us into inescapable fiction...
Perhaps the more typos the better.

Maybe it's because of this awareness
that I would no more dream of trying to write a novel
than of flying to Saturn (lovely rings)...or is it
a defishency in my Theory of Mond that disables me
from imagining even the shortest, simplest dialogue ?

I understand how peeple might FEEL, but
haven't a clue what they might say
In Any Given Circumsdectomy.

Surely it is not because of J.J. that we are living
in the skincankered Golden Age of the Novel
in (that percussive car-manual language) English ?

And what if Gé-Gé had written in quasi
-earthy Irish...or Slovenitalian,
and the similarly over-rated WS in Danish
or Glaswegian ?

A word to wage-slaves.

"...in the end he couldn’t imagine any sum so vast
that it could truly offset the flushing of twelve, thirteen hours
of every waking day down the toilet."
- Lionel Shriver, THE NEW REPUBLIC.

Friday 15 June 2012

The odious Slavoj Žižek

is reported by The Guardian as saying:
"Humanity is OK, but 99% of people are boring idiots."
Unfortunately, it is the 1% of people, whom he evidently favours,
the interesting, exciting, get-up-and-go people,
who are responsible for most of our
and other species' woes.


'Boring idiots'
(mostly male)
spray crude
(mostly depressing)
all over the world
because the education systems
(which are all more or less the same,
hence totalitarian)

have succeeded in preventing them
from writing poems
or even thinking.

Animals do not need morals

because they are not
collectively out of control.
We are parodies of animals
obsessively living
parodies of morality.
*  *  *

Thursday 14 June 2012

It is now at long last penetrating

our half-unzipped minds
that sexual abuse of children happens everywhere,
and may have done so ever since
people started to live in towns.
But recent mass-sexualisation
(which is a kind of mass-mind-rape)
has exponentially increased sexual abuse
of all kinds and creatures, and is itself
the inevitable result of mass-marketing,
the unnatural use of sex to sell goods and services

...and (of course) of the invention of the Internet.

UnDear Messrs. Google,

will you please understand
that I do not have a cell-phone,
and will you please stop asking me
for my cell-phone number
so that you and other shadow-giants
of the virtual world
can harass me further ?

Wisdom comes with age -

only if your fragile mind
remains open long enough.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Click on the portrait below

to read my latest quotation from

Class Distinction

Since I am financed by the British
(that is to say English) Government,
it is essential to affirm
what class I belong to.

I have genital tattoos, piss in the sink
and have been imprisoned for shoplifting
- so obviously I am of a lower order of
Working Class.

I speak French, bad German and Danish,
drink wine with my evening meal,
talk to dogs, am familiar with many megaliths
and piano trios,
and have swapped plants
& lunched with aristocracy
of two countries
- so obviously I am of a lower order of
Upper Class.

I bought a house

(almost Off the Peg) -
which in itself makes me Middle Class.

I have always thought for myself,
and made all my own mistakes
since I was sixteen.
I paint, translate, write poetry,
allow "weeds" to grow, guerrilla-plant,
and live alone - so I consider myself
a very minor member of the
Independent or Subversive Class.

But my kind & truly-Bohemian
friend Jindra
[see comment below]
flatters me by saying that I am
in a Class of my Own -
sui generis, but insignificant.


The everyday anecdotal
however well-expressed
is usually dire as 'poetry'
but fascinating in a diary.

Tuesday 12 June 2012

The Other Nirvana :

when desire gives more pleasure
than the pleasuring of desire.

The most pathetic

(if not nauseating)
thing about humans is that, not content
with turning the planet into a toxic rubbish-tip,
they want also to be loved and admired
(and not just by dogs) to a ludicrous extent.

The Banking-crisis in a nutshell :

the unhinged
offered money
to the ignorant profligate.

Sic transit gloria hominorum.

Monday 11 June 2012


is rubbish
if only because
it is so unremittingly
thrown at us.

The stupidity of 'liberal' thinkers

is that, as soon as they, too, decide
to adopt a particular attitude,
they declare it to be a 'human right'
that should be universally applied
 - preferably today - and thus
precipitate reaction, sometimes violent,
even world-wide.

Sunday 10 June 2012


often incorporates regret,
a sadder emotion
from which there's no relief
from the daily urge to mourn
(a couple of tears in the great ocean)
- especially regret at having been born.

Between the Nuremberg Rallies

and the Nuremberg Trials
there was only a war.

Saturday 9 June 2012

Facts make you think.

Truth makes you weep.
Best not to blink
before you leap.

Compulsory state education,

devised originally (if I remember right)
by Bismarck so that the population
could read the details of Verboten notices,
functions nicely as a means of Keeping People
in their Place, through class-based vetting
and judgement. But of course they allow
a variable, token amount of 'social mobility'
in order to veil a cruel and expensive system
with a thin veneer of dispassionate nobility.

Friday 8 June 2012

from a an e-mail received

Somebody shot somebody on a basketball court for some reason. 
A woman argued with boyfriend because of a broken cell-phone.
She ended it and him by deadly car assault.
Weather good though 

afternoon showers a possibility.
Hope all is well with you in your futility,


To a Guru

- to a true guru -
followers are mere affliction.

It is a strange and interesting paradox

that co-operation leads to competition.
(But not the other way round.)

Thursday 7 June 2012

Once upon a time,

a very long time ago
people surely thought
a crocheted sling
to hold breasts steady
(what the Danes admirably call brystholder)
was ridiculous.

A few thousand (?) years later
Fashion has made another
Great Leap Forward :

"An Ideal Stocking-filler."  (Osservatore Romano)

Human history

is full of Sexual Revolutions.
The most remarkable
was probably that of ancient Greece
which honoured a very honourable
kind of 'homosexual',
sensual, affectionate
but unpenetrative love.

The greatest and most recent
sexual revolution, however,
could have been the invention
of the contraceptive pill.

Yet - probably because of the
pernicious power of every
great and almost every little sect
of Christianity and Islam -
it has had far less 'impact'
on population, societies, morality
than the ancient Greek
but loyal love-compact.

An Ecological Conundrum.

Nothing in the universe(s) is static
- but why is life-through-evolution
on the planet we infect
so predatorily antistatic ?

Wednesday 6 June 2012

A Turf War

He was a minor player
maybe kind of dumb
in the wrong place
at the wrong time
and became the Messiah
for some.

Every minute

a million bullocks slaughtered
a million plants uprooted
a million women raped
a million ecosystems looted.

Tuesday 5 June 2012

A los cuatro de la tarde

At four o'clock in the afternoon
on the 27th of May, 1992,
a couple of months into the
four-year-long Siege of Sarajevo,
Bosnian Serbs fired mortar-shells
into a bread-queue.
Twenty-two people were killed
and over seventy were maimed.

For the next twenty-two days,
at four o'clock in the afternoon,
Vedran Smailović, a gifted
local cellist, went to the scene of the 'incident'
and played Albinoni's Adagio in G minor
(which was reconstructed from
a burnt fragment found in the ruins
of the Dresden Music Library
in 1945) as a salute to the dead.

Mr Smailović (whose surname
derives ultimately from Yishma'el, יִשְׁמָעֵאל)
was able to leave Sarajevo in 1993,
and now lives in Northern Ireland,
surely that sub-state's bravest
and most poetic inhabitant.

He is saluted, in his turn, in THE CELLIST OF SARAJEVO, a novel by Steven Galloway,
himself an Australian who lives in Western Canada.

See the vimeo about his return to Sarajevo in 2012, where he played a piece written for him by the English composer Nigel Osborne.


[If you are puzzled by the title of this poem, it refers to Federico del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús García Lorca's, A los cinco de la tarde, ('At five o'clock in the afternoon') his most famous poem,
about the execution of government supporters by the rebel fascist militia of General Franco, who subsequently went on to rule Spain murderously and with full Vatican (and Anglo-American) collusion for the next forty years.]

Magic Potion

According to the Universal Principle
of Sympathetic Magic,
to have the privilege of
drinking a strong man's semen
could lead to the acquisition of his strength,
perhaps permanently,
maybe even to women.
But of course - especially since
"Gay" "Liberation" -
(free and gay
in only the most superficial way)
we are not encouraged to encourage
such a situation.

Monday 4 June 2012

The decline of the Cassowary - and the Great Barrier Reef


Did I post this up already ?

For fifteen hundred years
Europeans feared death
because they feared hellfire.
Now they fear the loss of breath
merely because there will be
nothing more for them to gain.

Humans are the only Primates who

- pay attention to flowers
- are vengeful
- have problems with sexuality
- are psychologically disturbed when not psychopathic
- want to control all other species as well as the environment
- wallow in self-pity
- elimate all hindrances to their activity
- worry about dying
- want to live longer and longer
- and don't know when to stop.

Sunday 3 June 2012

As if having a 'philistine' royal family wasn't enough

poor Britain has a government with a Very Nasty Agenda.


How can there be such a thing
as an axiom ?  or a truth ?

There's slavery - and there's slavery.

Though the consumer society
is nearly as oppressive as slavery
almost nobody wants to escape.
It is suppression of consciousness
rather than body.
Wage-slaves aren't forced by whip
to dance on a departing ship.

Saturday 2 June 2012

Downmarket royalty, Frumpish pomp and continuity

(sixty years on)

If Her Britannic Majesty were not Lord of Man and the Southern Isles,
Sovereign of England, Wales, Scotland and even (God help us!)
Northern Ireland, plus Tristan da Cunha, Ascension Island,
St Helena, Gibraltar, the Channel and the Falkland Islands;
were not Head of the Commonwealth (I wonder if it has a heart
beyond the British Arms and Aviation Industry ?)
including some unsavoury dictatorships
and some unsavoury democracies -
her talents would have allowed her have been manageress
of a supermarket, or something big in Personnel,
a stable-owner, a headmistress, or something fairly high up
in the police or army (where brains and principle
have little value).  Intellect is very rare in monarchs,
least of all the Hanoverians and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Windsors.

Thus, because she also is a Majesty,
she embodies all that is worst about the anti-intellectual,
class-ridden English.  Millions identify with
 the monarch of Marmite
in some vulgar way, even glorify her,
though she is by any standard without majesty -
 or even ordinary dress-sense.

 Apparently, and unsurprisingly, she takes her title of
Defender of the Faith* of the Church of England
very seriously. To be a monarch and a Christian requires
right royal hypocrisy.  Even a pope (Celestine IV) declared
that one could not be pope and Christian.  He promptly
abdicated...may later have been murdered...
But her Britannic Majesty
celebrates - or is victim of - a jubilee.

Her creepy, fawning subjects
keep saying how intelligent
she is, and shrewd, and such...
what a sense of irony she has...
Methinks they do protest too much.

*This title was given to Henry VIII by the Pope Leo X for his defence of the supreme authority of the Papacy.
It was also held by Kings of France.

Friday 1 June 2012

In Europe, awareness

of the crimes and vain-glory
of almost every sect
of Christianity
continues to reduce
the numbers of believers.

How long before the crimes of Islam -
especially those against the female
half of humankind and animals
will have the same effect ?

There's nothing like sex

(with someone else)
for putting you off sex
(even with yourself).