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Sunday, 13 June 2021

I love the word 'WISTFUL'

as I like the word WHOLESOME,
but there is a noxious miasma of a word
which I greatly dislike.

If only we could replace LOVE
(unstable, hormonal, irrational,
mephitic, glamorous)
we might release each other
from the inane evils
of the soggily amorous. 

[see also a previous blog]

"Thank you for the love !" said ex-king Trump to his fans.

Name-day self-portraits.

            Old Man's Leg (details).


Today is my Name Day,

which occurs nine calendar months
after my birth day : the feast day
of St Anthony of Padua
who had a pet pig.

Name-days used to be celebrated,
especially in Russia, when everyone
was named after an archangel or a saint.

Now we are much more egotistical,
and allegedly more 'individual'.
This is not true. 
Sheeple breed in their billions,
individuals are very few. 

[Sant’Antonio da Padova, original name Fernando Martins de Bulhões, (born 1195, Lisbon, Portugal—died June 13, 1231, Arcella, Verona; canonized 1232; Franciscan friar, doctor of the church, and patron of the poor. Padua and Portugal claim him as their patron saint, and he is (bizarrely) invoked for the recovery or return of lost property.]

Saturday, 12 June 2021

'Artificial Intelligence

is neither artificial nor intelligent,'
writes Kate Crawford of Microsoft Research.

It is made from rare natural resources (e.g. lithium mines),
uses vast amounts of electricity
and large numbers of people
(mostly badly paid and non-unionised)
who perform the (mostly menial)
tasks that make the systems seem
automatic and autonomous.

It is just a new kind of resource-devouring slavery.

Haiku ?

My belly buzzing ?
No - a small bee trapped
between the pages of my book.

Friday, 11 June 2021

From the beginning,

Christianity was what we would now call racist,
and was certainly divisive.
Civis romanus sum,
declared the controlling, micromanaging St Paul,
not Iudaeus sum, nor even Humanus sum.

(If you don't know basic Latin or basic Christian history,ignore this blog.)

(Incidentally, women were not virile Roman citizens, merely women,
even if they manipulated emperors, as did Agrippina and Helena.)

(Christianity was a disaster for the planet; it produced Islam and, much worse, modern science and technology which have reduced the Earth to short-term resource.)

(And so they, the white Christians, plan to migrate to another planet, create another desert without Desert Fathers.)

(Paul hoped to "save" himself [from what ?] by "saving" others. And so he and the cult that he founded doomed the planet and its dominant race to bleak sterility.)

Thursday, 10 June 2021

A pity the Romans did not have TV.

The odious Marcus Aurelius
genocidal Roman Emperor
and fake-philosopher, tycoon,
financed spectacular
gladiatorial "games"
in which a hundred European lions
(now unsurprisingly extinct)
were slaughtered in one afternoon.

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Good News !

Climate-change and the collapse
in both sexes of human fertility
(due to the spate
of industrial chemicals in the water
and the atmosphere)
may shortly combine
to Save the Planet
just a little late.

Tuesday, 8 June 2021


contains the Latin word for man,
as does VIRile.
Even worse, the same syllable
occurs, slightly transformed,

But women will never
abandon virtue and give birth
to women who might rescue
the human-male-choked earth.

Monday, 7 June 2021

It turns out

that most psychological experiments
have been carried out on students
in euro-american universities and hospitals.
Many of the many conclusions drawn may well not be
applicable to people of other classes, cultures and times.
And there are no Universal Human Values,
just universal human crimes.

Three New Friends.


Sunday, 6 June 2021

No technology can save us

from the destructive effects of technology
(especially of technology which was designed to
but did not reverse or even ameliorate
the destructive effects of technology)
any better than militarism can save us
from the evils of militarism.

[read about the infamous Reversal of the Chicago River]

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Apart from its very limited and blandly-benign message,

the essence of orthodox Christianites
has been intolerance,
which is the cornerstone
of arrogant, European
'Universal Values'.

Friday, 4 June 2021

A Positive Step

towards alleviating Climate Change :

World Masturbation-Celebration Month for Men.

"It goes without saying" -
which is why no-one says - that
climate-change is a function of overpopulation.

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

The greatest luxury

for me and perhaps for unheard millions
is to live alone, without pain,
healthy and solitary.
                                Thus I
too am quietly, contentedly
waiting to die.


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