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Saturday, 26 June 2021

'With guns blazing',

they charged across Africa and Asia,
massacring 'the natives', burning villages,
looting temples, seizing land :-

the British in Nigeria, the French in Niger;
the British in Rhodesia, the French in Algeria,
the Belgians in the Congo, the Germans then the French
in Kamerun and Togo, with missionaries at hand.

The British bombed the Kurds, transported Indians
as 'indentured labour' to the Caribbean (already full of slaves),
the French abducted half a million 'savages'
from the banks of the Ubangi to build their Congo railway.

The British blazed away in India, the French in Indo-China,
the Dutch in Indonesia, the Belgians in the Congo,
the Belgians in the Congo,
the Germans in Deutsch Ostafrika 
(now Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi ),
and the British (followed by the Japanese) in China.

Genocide on genocide carried out the length
and breadth of the Americas by the English, Scots
and Irish, Spanish, Portuguese and French...

Those greedy civilising hypocrites
and murderous moral cretins
now indulge in outrage at China's
'pacification' of Uighurs and Tibetans.

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