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Thursday 28 February 2013

Today is a Good Blog Day,

the sun is shining,
and I found this sexy, animated picture

of a 'Sea Vagina'.

59% of the 'Tuna' that Americans eat

is not Tuna.
And 90% of human beings
are spoiled meat.

Good science

is something that we
desperately need,
and could well include
a cheap vaccine
to combat greed.

for Karl White and John Gray

Roma Employment Figures

In 1982 there were 23,000 Gypsy musicians
in the 'Democratic Republic of Hungary'.
Almost all of them played in restaurants,
where diners paid a surcharge of 20%
to pay for their cheerful services.
By 1999, in the new 'Hungary'
there were only 60.

The best that the cleverest can do

(when they are not prostituting
themselves to power, status and money)
is to have ideas about ideas.

Wednesday 27 February 2013


has never been so advanced,
so free, so full of opportunity.

"Life is all about pitching.

"The problem is that we're not very good at it,"
says Daniel H. Pink.

Well, if we're not naturally good at it,
why don't we stop,
instead of running ever faster
and more frenetically our vast
and stupid rat-race of selling ?

Tuesday 26 February 2013

"...for the survivors, emerging from camps

in which four to five million had perished,
the first hurdle to be crossed was an aversion to cannibalism, 
and I learned that all of the men on the ship had eaten human flesh."

And why not, since it is the most plentiful
and most available food to us on Earth.


Like all good communists
I listen only to classical musics
of Europe and beyond,
despising most of the crass
and manufactured musics
of the underclass.

You may laugh at this -

- but consider what is said more subtly,
by the 'gutter press' that manipulates 'democracy'.

Monday 25 February 2013


like any impetuous activity,
can only be for its own delicious
sake. Otherwise it is depressingly
and merely meretricious.

A case of oversimplification ?

Slang, said Céline,
is the parlance of hate,
of the deprived, the oppressed -
the expression of what
is now called 'Status Deficit'.

"Saul! Saul! Why persecuteth thou me ?"

It cannot be humility.
It is surely mere egotism
to assume that voices in the head
come from a deity.

I once heard a heaveny choir
when I was driving by the Loir.
But, after checking the car's electronics,
decided it was just synaptic histrionics.

Sunday 24 February 2013


The only literature worth reading,
said Céline, is that which poses a question.
Presumably an unanswerable, existential question.

Human beings are creatures of prodigious 'intelligence'
who behave like murderous cattle -
Les gens sont vaches - c'est régulier.
L'homme n'est qu'un singe destructeur -
Man is just an appallingly destructive ape.

The problem is that when you despise 'humanity'
(as people who use their intelligence inevitably do)
you can so easily and unintelligently turn fascist,
espouse totalitarianism as Céline did.

And so the unanswerable
question is not just How to live
but How to live with your contempt
without being contemptible.

'Prudery is the worst form of Avarice'

wrote Stendhal.
'La pruderie est une espèce d'avarice,
la pire de toutes.'

Saturday 23 February 2013

A name

is more than just a word.

Father of three 
named after a certain Aryan dictator 
is among 345 candidates 
running for the Meghalaya state assembly...

An Occupational Joke

When a printer is sent away to work as forced labour,
he tells his wife:
'When I write to you,
true accounts will be written in black,
but lies will be in red.
His first letter ran: "Everything here is fine,
the work is good, the people marvellous,
my accommodation luxurious -
there is even an ice-skating rink. 
The only problem is that
I am unable to buy red ink.'

Friday 22 February 2013

Joris-Karl* Huysmans wrote:

"The Present is unbearable,
 the Past disgusting,
 and the Future unthinkable."

author of Against the Grain / Against Nature

He was writing before World War One.
He had a point.
But now he might say:

The Present is largely your own responsibility;
the Past is only memory,
and the Future won't happen.

*christened Charles-Marie-Georges

Thursday 21 February 2013

Do you like chicken ?

Do you like democracy ?

 click for more

David Icke, a Prophet who easily fills Wembley Stadium, capacity 90,000...

(at least £40/$60 a ticket)

"What happened was that I was writing this latest book and I sat down one morning,
and I’ve had one or two thoughts about this before but they’ve come and gone,
but I sat down one morning at the computer to start writing and it was like,
and I’ve had this so many times in my life in the last twenty years,
it was like an energy field descends upon me and suddenly,
I just knew the Moon was not what it seems to be."

with thanks to James Ward

We may laugh at David Icke, 
but nothing is so ridiculous
as to imagine that human beings 
are ascending to a higher state.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

photo by Carsten Whimster

Supply and demand.

The destruction of 'cultural sites'
in China, is outstripping the trend
to create museums,
both public and private.

Sunday 17 February 2013

Saturday 16 February 2013

Friday 15 February 2013

Céline* said

that disillusion
is not a death of the spirit
but a re-birth. 
it meets us as we leave the womb.

*Louis-Ferdinand Destouches,
"sombre flagellateur de l'humanité", author of
Journey to the End of Night, Castle to Castle, etc.

Wednesday 13 February 2013

In the beginning was the Word

and the word became rumour
and the word was tumour -
for language is cancer
of consciousness
barely palliated by humour.

Tuesday 12 February 2013

The reliability of prophecy.

lasted barely 12 years.

The overwhelming desire

of Dr Livingstone
to end the Arab-African slave-trade
offered European Powers
the golden pretext to take over Africa
from north-east to south-west.
European 'humanitarian' intervention
is never without ugly,
hypocritical self-interest.

Monday 11 February 2013

Musing at a picnic lunch.

When I hear the word career
I think of pebbles tumbling down a cliff
to join a pile of other little stones
- or else to cause an avalanche.

"What oft was thought, but ne'er so well express'd."

Such poppycock!
Language and thought are silence
stupidly suppressed.

poppycock [ˈpɒpɪˌkɒk] noun
senseless chatter; nonsense; bullshit.
[from Dutch dialect pappekak, literally: soft excrement, from pap soft + kak dung, turd]

The title quotation is from 'An Essay on Criticism' by Alexander Pope.

Sunday 10 February 2013

It's not surprising

that the Christians
trashed the philosophy
of Epicurus,

who pointed out that
if proper gods
(or MonoGod) existed,
they'd hardly bother
with the likes of us,

and that the idea of Heaven,
Hell or any Afterlife
was just so much
cerebral pus.

Friday 8 February 2013

It is futile, self-indulgent

for antinatalists like me to rage
about the hideousness of human overpopulation.
We should be founding a new religion,
setting up colleges and courses
in cuddly, holosensual and fulfilling mutual
(or creative-solitary) masturbation.

The foundation of education

is the sadistic delight that people have
in deceiving each other
through their children.

Thursday 7 February 2013

Language, truth and logic.

It is irrefutable
that the more people there are
the more pain and misery
there will be. So, are elective
breeders evil sadists -
or just mentally/morally defective ?

(The answer, my friends,
is blowing in the wind...)

It's not just Nature

that 'abhors a vacuum'.
No sooner is any category
dreamed up
than it is filled - as if it were
a prison or a refugee-camp.

Wednesday 6 February 2013


is just the priestly robes
of fear, of existential doubt,
worn almost exclusively by men,
who, even when appalling, cruel swine
are first of all philosophers.
For women, philosophy is pointless,
a self-indulgent waste of time.

Tuesday 5 February 2013


Alcohol, consumed
(and of course produced)
with ceremonial reverence,
is the one of the two
true gods.
The first one is Gaia.
The rest are cruel frauds.

Monday 4 February 2013

What "PC" really stands for :

Puritan Control.


the magazine for the
Serious Woman.

this is the Albanian edition!
                on the other hand, is for
   the living dolls of men's fantasies.

Sunday 3 February 2013

'Remaining beneath the radar'

near ‘the bottom of the heap’
while living healthily and sanely
is, I realise, a pretty rare achievement
in a European nation-state.  
One needs opportunity,
education and opened intelligence,
none of which were available
to those whose 'liberated'
'independent' homeland
left them knowingly in the lurch:
the poor girls enslaved
in their thousands, in Ireland,
by evil instruments
of the Catholic Church.

No war is justified.

Hitler's double-whammy:
not only eliminating Jews,
alongwith Roma and Jehovah's Witnesses,
plus quite a few Poles, Ukrainians,
queers, socialists and parasitic nihilists like me,

but ensuring (without intending to
of course) the establishment
of the racist, United-States-dependent,
terrorist-inspiring, non-integral
nation-state of Israël.

Saturday 2 February 2013

On one of my rare viewings of 'live' TV

last night, I and a few million others
were treated to a few pearls of wisdom
from a Visiting Professor of
Transformational Leadership.

Here he is on his way back home.
See if you can pick him out
in the freeze-frame below.

I think he is one of the naked ones, bottom left.
(click on the picture to enlarge)


could, by its own definition
be immoral,
because of the harm
and misery it wreaks,
and trouble piled on troubles.

when it keeps on mouthing
outrageous hypocrisies such as
The Sanctity of Human Life,
and barefaced lies like
We are all born Equal
[in the sight of some blind idol].
We'll see how well that mumbo-jumbo stands up
when yet again the world's
human population doubles.

Friday 1 February 2013

(adapted from a blog by Jindra)

...of offering my penis for transplant.
I would ask for no remuneration, just expenses -
if the recipient has no objection to the tattooed snake,
nor to my member's Smegmatic Tendency...

Carl Jung's great theory

of Enantiodromia -
that everything human
tends towards and usually
turns into its opposite,
maybe several times

- is best exemplified
by the slim and rudimentary
teachings of Jesus
evolving into
Christian crimes.