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Wednesday 13 February 2019

Sunday 10 February 2019

Saturday 9 February 2019

The world belongs to gamblers,

because the essence of capitalism
is not enterprise and trade
so much as gambling on the outcomes
of enterprise and trade.
And we are not afraid.

Friday 8 February 2019

On his days-off

from ferrying the dead in silence
Charon spent his time
keeping an even keel
by trying to un-invent the wheel.

Thursday 7 February 2019

From sharp stones to smart phones

we are victims of our technologies
- but the planet a million times more so.

Wednesday 6 February 2019

The Fall of Man

was language,
and poetry the sin of poets -
though the worst
and perhaps the best
remain unpublished.

Our brains jangle with words.
Language destroyed silence.

Tuesday 5 February 2019

Revolutions are rarely Progressive (in either sense of the word)

The "Neolithic Revolution"
which brought us agriculture
merely allowed more humans to procreate
by herding them in camps
and villages, and towns, and cities,
and making them dependent on
un-nutritious carbohydrates,
rather as they are doing today
in obscene, grotesque pig-farms
in the USA.

Monday 4 February 2019

Cave-men lived like kings

when other humans
sheltered in fragile huts
from pelting rain and snow
or sweltering sun
not so many thousand years ago.

So, possibly,
caves were the first
human spatial property...

Sunday 3 February 2019

The best sex scene in the history of cinema ?

Less than 10 seconds long.
No groans.
Just one line of speech:
"I think it slipped out."

And for other reasons also
I thoroughly recommend this film by Bong Joon-ho :
Memories of Murder.
which I acquired, as always, by Torrent/P2P

Saturday 2 February 2019

Fitting in

Getting on
Getting off on
getting on...

I just don't get it

on or off

though so far I've been
getting through

rather well and quietly

and appreciating my
continuing, rare,
beyond-wealth luxury
of solitude and silence
(we are, of course, all islands)

I'm one of me
not one of you

Friday 1 February 2019

The most efficient solution to 'global warming' :


Following the wiping-out of 50 million (and more) native Americans
by Europeans and their diseases,
trees and shrubs grew on that continent,
carbon dioxide levels dropped world-wide,
and temperatures lowered - for a time.

I think however, that the killing (or suicide)
of fifty million humans might not be enough
this time round...