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Friday 29 April 2011

Sixty years of television

Sixty thousand years
of gazing into fires.

After more than sixty
thousand years
TV is the nearest we have got
to enlightenment

in a world choked with
property and fæces
and the burning bones
of extinguished species.

Thursday 28 April 2011

Enlightenment is...

cheerful disappointment.
Having always found
ideas more interesting
than people, I won't
be so very lonely
at the end.

Wednesday 27 April 2011


The most common particle in this
particular universe
comes in different flavours,
one of them thought to be sterile
and some of the sterile right-handed.

On Earth, technology reigns

and one of the most adaptable parasites
lives and sleeps in our brains.

Toxoplasma gondii

Tuesday 26 April 2011


The Nazis thought that Jews and Roma were sub-human.
(Slavs were just inferior.)
The Israelis think that Arabs are sub-human.
Most humans think that anything non-human
is sub-human.

Sunday 24 April 2011

Saturday 23 April 2011


will change the lives of dogs
and transport them from
understimulating confinement
to the World Wide Sniff.

for Deena
and in memory of Yogi, Oscar, Shep, Elektra...

Friday 22 April 2011

"Forests of Crosses"

Out of a hundred thousand Roman
crucified bleeding in the sleet,
dehydrating in the sun,
it seems to me hideously unfair
to remember only one...

(...who wasn't roasted on a griddle,
waterboarded, skinned alive
burned at the stake;
didn't have electrodes on his genitals
nor his cock jammed in a toaster -
and didn't have to listen to loud
racist lectures on 'democracy'.)

Good Friday, 2011

Wednesday 20 April 2011

We imagine

that our civilisation embraces rationality -
a civilisation where religion interferes with science
and science claims no interest in morality!

(for Sam Harris)

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Monday 18 April 2011

Dogs should wear Burkas

to hide ears and tongues
(to say nothing of hinder parts)
which could inflame a man
- or even a woman...
and perhaps even the Proud Creator

There are no absolute minorities.

Even I - minority of one vegetarian
vasectomised neo-Diogenean
atheist-quietist, not yet, not quite
Aspergerous - am, like millions of others,
old, grumpy and white.

Sunday 17 April 2011

Too easy to counterfeit

How we love
what poisons us!

Now, if cyanide
or pentobarbital capsules
were universal currency...

Friday 15 April 2011

You cannot have democracy

political parties -
which inevitably produce
perpetual oligarchies...

You cannot have democracy
universal suffrage -
which is inevitably hi-jacked
by the gutter (or the state-controlled)
press, an essential element
of the oligarchy.

Since power - like love, happiness,
freedom and everything else -
is a commodity,

even oligarchies now live under the
irremovable dictatorship
of pseudo-democratic

Thursday 14 April 2011

Wednesday 13 April 2011

'Normality' is virulent

The more people there were
with "Asperger's Syndrome"
the better the world would be -
at the very least with less hypocrisy.

Tuesday 12 April 2011

African slaves

were forced to dance for their owners' pleasure
before they were crammed into the black holes
of slave-ship holds to wail, howl, vomit - and die.

Now, African dictators are urged to dance to
'democratic' tunes - for arrogant others
have decided that the end of autocracy
(though not exploitation) is nigh.

Monday 11 April 2011

How can there be 'human rights'

while children globally
are forced to
sacrifice their childhood
for long hours of lies,
irrelevancies, suffocation,
and competitive
mind-demolition that the
living dead-of-heart
call education ?

Sunday 10 April 2011

Moses and Monotheism

The people who concocted
the various
but achingly-similar
codes of civilised behaviour
were male, without humour,
and with no interest in æsthetics
or even beauty -

which is why moralities
are horribly, assymetrically
obsessed by conformity
and duty.

(for Jindřich)

Saturday 9 April 2011

The Abrahamic Question

Why does Jehovah not content Himself
with collecting boys' neat nipples instead
of their floppy foreskins ? Is it because
day in, day out, He is up there
beyond the Constellations,
stitching - skin to skin
the cheeseless Cloak of Time -

Are nipples only good for buttons ?

Friday 8 April 2011

One of several reasons

why I find the idea of 'God'
is that I find human beings
terrifying enough.

Thursday 7 April 2011

For the Aspergerish,

'normal' people consist of
oppressive commands:
Have a nice day!
Take care!
Make yourself at home!
Take it easy!
Don't mention it!
and - worst of all -
Be happy!

.......Love the Planet !

Wednesday 6 April 2011

To 'fail again better' is not possible

I have tried to give up
chastity for Lent -
without success, because
I'm nearly sevent-
y: a Lone Wolf
nearly spent.

Monday 4 April 2011

Not all North Americans have Perfect Teeth

As the world becomes ever more uniform,
the fewer and fewer disparate
get more and more desperate.

Sunday 3 April 2011

Old Mother Hubbard

lived in the slipper-shaped
lost time and domain
of Pandora's sandal-box
(originally a sort of amphora)
wherein lay Schrödinger's cat
like a pair of oracular socks,
a Cheshire cheese,
and a tea-tray in the sky,
and couldn't put Empty together again
but said What a good boy am I !

Saturday 2 April 2011

Friday 1 April 2011

dissident poem of the month :


(photo stolen from Jindřich)

Language is a medium no more transparent

than cinema, television,
or untreated urban effluent.
Thus it is used less for communication
than instead of communication.

Used less to increase awareness
than to limit it, language is, in fact,
the greatest impediment
to both thought and serenity.

Philosophers are thus part of the
Global Anti-Awareness Industry
which is controlling and beating up
and heating up the world.