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Thursday 29 April 2021

The sham of democracy.

To vote
for somebody you have never met
and do not know is utterly ridiculous.

"African Wild (or 'Painted') dogs
vote by sneezing,
deciding whether to hunt
based on a quorum of achoos.
When their leader – always female – dies,
they vote for her successor with eerie whoops and hoots.
They rarely fight and are particularly successful predators,
gleefully ripping apart live smaller prey
by each holding a limb and pulling in four directions."


Wednesday 28 April 2021

A wise wolf said :

What you humans don’t realise
is that you cannot help or ‘save’ us -
no - but we could help and save you. 
Not that we’ll get the chance.

Tuesday 27 April 2021

A guy commenting on a parrot-video on YouTube

           I used to have a parrot that screamed

I am really a dog,
but nobody cares that I was turned into a human,
probably by anti-abortionists.

Monday 26 April 2021

In a culture founded on unshared property,

all is loss, perceived as disaster.
Yet, as Elizabeth Bishop wrote :
the art of losing isn't hard to master.

Saturday 24 April 2021


our big brains are due
to having to figure out and remember
to whom we have told which lies,
and which people have told which lies
to us.

Thursday 22 April 2021

Wednesday 21 April 2021


who offer and facilitate this blog for free
are the paramount example of an entity
which 'knows the price of everything
and the value of nothing'.

All is Business - aided by Democracy.


Tuesday 20 April 2021

Growing old

is like milk souring.
Oh, the redundancy of words !
I love sour milk
and curds.

Monday 19 April 2021

'Conspiracy Theories'

are not really theories
but pronouncements. 
People who are attracted to them
are not wanting information,
simply confirmation of their prejudices. 
they don't understand the randomness
of sickness or the lightning-strike.

I notice that I tend not to believe
people whose faces I do not like.


Young Cyanea Feeding

 by Alexander Seminov on FlickR

Sunday 18 April 2021


My mind is process.
My brain is chemicals
and fractal pathways.
Words are air and marks upon a page.
I am almost nothing,
and soon will be
less than an absence.
So I am almost free.

Saturday 17 April 2021

Martin Heidegger said

that language is
The House of Being.
But, really, the structure oscillates
between a palace and a prison.

Thursday 15 April 2021

"Of all perversions,

 chastity is the strangest,"
wrote priapic Anatole France.
Had he not heard of serial rapists,
necrophilia, pædophilia, bestiality,
binding tight another's balls
with a leather bootlace, 
and other forms of sexual cruelty ? 
Chastity is no perversion -
but perhaps a kind of grace.

(Though a lot depends on what you mean
by perversion, and by chastity.)

Wednesday 14 April 2021

Tuesday 13 April 2021

In memoriam mortuorum.

Every day, as I get out of bed
to open the shutters
I think of my dead,
my beautiful dead.
They come back in my dreams.
Why should I push them out of my head,
my beautiful dead ?

The first was my fierce grandmother's
beautiful corpse on her bed
whom I lay on and kissed in the hope 
that she'd wake up before her soul fled.
(I was ten at the time.)
I stroked all their corpses,
my beautiful dead -
my aunt and my mother, my dogs -
all except one who was murdered.
The last one I killed because he had killed
too many chickens and cats.
I buried him with his ball
in a tumbledown shed
in the wood by my house,
the last (so I hope) of my beautiful dead.

Monday 12 April 2021

Ur rhyme.


...until all the infants are dead.

Sunday 11 April 2021

Alternative History.

"Perhaps it was women rather than men
who instigated the segregation of women."

- Jean Genet: Un captif amoureux, 1986.

Saturday 10 April 2021

There are more micro-organisms

in a chemical-free, unploughed handful of loam
than there are humans on the planet.
Even now, 
Man's deadliest weapon against the world
remains the plough.

Friday 9 April 2021

My dreams are full of people,

some of whom I never met before,
or shadowy, opaque;
some of whom are dead, or dogs,
others repeatedly.
And so I welcome solitude when I'm awake.

Thursday 8 April 2021

Wednesday 7 April 2021

Feeling good about being old.

I am tired.
Most of my life I have felt tired,
'no stamina' -
but now, in my eightieth year,
it feels almost natural.

Tuesday 6 April 2021

Jesus and The Environment.

Jesus had nothing to say
on environmental issues;
though he wore sandals
he was not an 'eco-freak'.
But for millennia before and after him
Nature has been turning the other cheek.

Monday 5 April 2021

If we are to judge people at all,

let us not do so 'positively'
according to wealth or fame,
but inversely
by (estimated) carbon footprint,
the smallest of which is committed
by beggars and the poor, who receive
only the shit of the suffering we consume,
and will soon have no earth to inherit.

Sunday 4 April 2021

My Enduring Naivety.

I still don't fully realise
that human people with sweet faces
are no more likely than others
to be sweet within.
And I still am very wary
of people with pale eyes.

Saturday 3 April 2021

If I had lived in the nineteen-twenties,

I might well and wholeheartedly have embraced Communism,
unaware that Lenin and Stalin (white males, like Marx)
had already destroyed it,
thus ensuring the terrible, temporary
triumph of Consumer Capitalism.

Friday 2 April 2021

White Lives Matter

Far Too Much.

And if 'Caucasians' really had 'Superior Intelligence'
they would have stopped breeding long ago.

Thursday 1 April 2021

If art is self-indulgence,

as many people think,
science (however rigorous)
is self-indulgence, too,
even if subsumed in cosy group-indulgence.