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Tuesday 31 July 2012

Even though Bonobos do it,

anal penetration
- until recently
the second-best form of contraception -
could well be said to be 'unnatural'.
But then, seen from Sirius,
so is life. So is
anything transplanted.
Nothing should be
taken for granted.

Democracy :

a parody of government
by half-sane and
semi-rational people
who are at the mercy of
a despised electorate
which they try their hardest
not to inform.

Will the Chinese do better ?

"You know, I've been around the ruling class all my life,
and I've been quite aware of their total contempt for the people of the country."

 - Gore Vidal

Monday 30 July 2012

Democratic Animal Farm

Most of us
live like clever chickens
until we die, uneaten.
But there will come a time
when, beaten
by our very cleverness,
we will, like any pressured,
hungry animal,
turn cannibal.

Western Values

It is easier
in most of continental Europe
to open a disco
or a sex-shop
than to build a mosque.

And, it is said,
there are more restrictions
on the movement
of bananas
than on the movement
of lethal weapons

Sunday 29 July 2012

Another pearl of Wisdom...

...from my fellow-blogger Yindra.

So What's New ?

More and more we hear the words
Islamism and Political Islam
uttered in the same way
as people used to say
The Yellow Peril.

Well, we have had
two thousand years
of Political Christianity
carving up the world,
electing popes and Holy Roman Emperors,
erecting hell-hole cities,
cutting down forests,
sowing division, creating
modern international politics -
and conducting not just Crusades
but genocides against pagans,
sub-humans, Jews, and heretics.

Saturday 28 July 2012

The Secret in their Eyes

In the film El Secreto de Sus Ojos
Benjamin Expósito asks:
"How do you live a life full of nothing ?"

Better nothing than most things
which fill people's lives.
Nothing is truly liberating.

Going for Gold

The English invented competitive sports
(as opposed to friendly games) to bolster
their sordid, genocidal
vainglorious, anti-intellectual
Empire, and, in this peculiar
but materially-successful
way, assuage their fear
of mystery and compensate for
their missing sense of the mystical.


Friday 27 July 2012

Leda and the Interlocking Rings

In the days of the True Olympics
when competitors were young
and male and naked
and represented only themselves,
their trainers, 'coaches' or sponsors
would very likely also have been
their (much older, male) lovers.

How things have changed !
In these days of the Nationalist
and Corporate Ollimpix,
athletes (who devote their entire lives
to the gold-plated goose
of 'success') even complain of sexual abuse...

Dear Jindra,

Life is progressive disillusion.
You and I are now old enough
to realise how utterly bathetic
it is to try and be a 'significant'
member of a dysfunctional species
on an insignificant part
of a minor galaxy.

Thursday 26 July 2012

Although non-heterosexual

and creative
I have never met
nor wanted to meet anybody famous.
Thus I thrive in rural obscurity
uncorrupted by anyone's celebrity.

I am not in a position


either to confirm or deny this assertion.

Wednesday 25 July 2012


Male baboons beat up and humiliate
females and non-alpha males,
kill babies and declare war
on other bands of baboons.
They could be described as both
'successful' and 'sociopathic'.

If they were as 'intelligent' as us
the world might be much the same
as it is now: devastated.

So - should  'intelligence' be thought of
as 'deadliness' - or something
to be celebrated ?


My dream-self tells me
that icebergs smell of cucumbers,
that the Northern Lights
taste of champagne,
that beauty is a Pythagorean
matter of numbers,
that death is the generous reality
surrounding us,
that poetry is pain.

Tuesday 24 July 2012

"Das Leben ist eine mißliche Sache.

Ich habe mir vorgesetzt, es damit hinzubringen,
über dasselbe nachzudenken."
 - Schopenhauer

I decided a long time ago to devote myself
to consideration of the unfortunate phenomenon of life.
It's just as well I never found - or even sought - a wife.

Gay Marriage:

Yet another licence
for domestic oppression
if not violence.

Monday 23 July 2012

Famous, handsome and bad.

A famous, handsome and bad
Scottish poet and novelist
is a very good talker.
She would never be heard
on the wireless if she were not
a famous (handsome and bad
Scottish) writer.  I guess she is
brilliant at talking to publishers.

The little girl's tee-shirt

(size: ages 7-9)
which declares
'So many boys,
so little time'
was made in the
war-torn Philippines
by little girls
aged 7-9.

Sunday 22 July 2012

Minced beaver-testicles

(which are internal)
were often added to tobacco
(which King James
declared to be infernal)
because of their allegedly
analgesic properties -
and to sweeten it.
The fur was made into coats & headgear.
As for the rest of the poor beaver,
who or what would have eaten it ?

Answer: Everyone.
Because the infallible Catholic church
declared the rodent to be a fish
it was eaten on Fridays and fast-days,
especially in Québec.


Oscar Wilde in a beaver-fur coat.
Hard Labour in Reading Gaol was too lenient for such a heartless, upper-class æsthete -
but, alas! he was condemned for the wrong crime.

The Pontius Syndrome

The more you wash
the more guilty
you are likely to be.

Saturday 21 July 2012


or evolution -
A mere iota of difference.

Irish folksong, 2012

As I was a-strolling in town yesterday
I approached an old lady; to her I did say:
'You're the first slender person I've seen here today,
for everyone's puffy and bulgy - obese.'
She didn't call the police
but laughed and went on her way.

Friday 20 July 2012

'Kindle' books

(which cannot be used as kindling)
are outstripping real books in sales.
But they're not recommended
to read in the bath, and it's a bit difficult
to lend them or give them to friends.
Here's one for those of my readers with
that mad gadget - but anyone
can take a pee' at the first page
for free (Wow!) by clicking on
the picture. "Frank and revealing
homo-erotica from a curmudgeonly sage,"
said the Doha Review of Decadent Books. 

(No, the painting is not a self-portrait.
You can gaze below on my deliciously-animal looks.)

Beauty Incarnate

I just thought
it would be nice for my readers
(who stretch from Seoul to Saskatchewan
and Sydney to Stockholm)
to have a picture of me
relaxing with a glass of wine before dinner.
(Despite the tone of my blog
I don't drink the dregs.)
I'm beautiful - but modest.
You wouldn't believe that I'm 70
(in ant-eater years).
I can't decide which
is my handsomest feature -
my exquisite nose, my lovable ears,
my ravishing colour-scheme, 
my satiny fur, or my sexy legs.

Thursday 19 July 2012

The apophatic Pseudo-Dionysius

that God can only be described
only by what God is not, because God is
utterly other -
hence an invisible, sexless, will-less
voiceless, non-entity
without number or form -
something very like a vacuum...
With this kind of deism
I have no problem...


the problem
with Christian (post-Platonic) European culture
is that it is relentlessly micromanagerial,
literal, numerical, geometrical, material, political,
shortsighted, teleological, dialectical,
assumes without a shred of evidence
that life is necessarily better than death
and there is almost no room for the
'unscientific' abstract, the vague, the self-contradictory,
the vaguely universal, the subtly sensual,
the spectral, the ambiguous, the anomalous,
the apophatic, the polymorphous, the mystically-perverse...

in this briefly-overwhelming culture wherein
all that is poetic is reduced to verse.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

My buddy and I are Living Proof

that the Welfare State
does not necessarily produce mere
passive collaborators
and galloping consumers...
But it was our generations which produced
the robber-bankers, the consumer-rights whiners,
the credit-card diners, the tourist exploiters,
two-home hoity-toiters
(ha! ha! I'm almost one of them),
the get-rich-quick drinkers of Bollinger
just for the status, the name...

Deadly Statistics

You are very nearly 38 times more likely to be killed by misadventure
during auto-erotic asphyxiation
than you are to be killed by a Shark.

You are over 6 times more likely to be killed by an icicle falling
and impaling you in Russia alone
than you are to be killed by a Shark anywhere in the world.

You are over 28 times more likely to be killed by the impact
of falling out of your own bed
than you are to be killed by a Shark.

You are around twice as likely to be killed by Ants
than you are by a Shark.

You are just about as likely to be killed by a vending machine
as you are by a Shark.

People ignore statistics, they'd rather fantasise in the dark.


Tuesday 17 July 2012

The opposite of Competitive

(shutting out the inner)
is Contemplative
(outing the inner).

Western civilisation was founded
as much on the principle of contemplation
(whether Hellenic or Christian,
both influenced from the East)
as on the Universal Property-owner's
Principle of Land-grab.

Contemplation has now effectively
been banned in our "free" society. 
There are no anchorites.
No wandering, teaching friars or prophets,
only hobos and homeless - and spineless,
mindless academics. Universities, ever
totalitarian, have enmeshed it in
competitiveness.  Trash anti-music,
anti-art have eclipsed the contemplative,
jejune 'concept' has ousted thought;
and nobody - except, curiously, Philip Larkin -
questions the insane, destructive
work-ethic which built up this Babylon.

The French saying:
Il vaut mieux faire envie que pitié :
(Better to arouse envy than pity)
seems to be the evanescent basis
of a civilisation without moral
or philosophical foundation.

On the eve of the military-industrial pseudo-Olympics

Coconut choc-ice
is, I learn from the wireless,
a monkey-chant (i.e.
a term of racial abuse).
Perhaps I betray my age when I say
that it sounds rather harmless and sweet.
I had a childhood book called
Little Black Sambo, and ever since then
have mourned my pale skin-colour.  I would suggest
that, instead of pathetic, unmanly protest,
those who claim the right to feel hurt and oppressed
by choc-ice and coconut
should be a little inventive, offensive, forthcoming
with insults to grey folks who call themselves white.

Lard-lump, tapeworm, Neanderthal, bleach-skin, 
moon-face, maggot-head, pastry-arse,
tallow-cock, slave-fucker, cum-clot,
and of course zombi might
all be suitable - along with the older terms  
burb-nigga, pelly, honky* and chav -
click here for hundreds of terms of racial slight.

* The Racial Slur Database does not mention the most obvious reason for this term: the grotesque size of non-nigga noses, including my own.

Monday 16 July 2012

What is more foolish

and corrupting than fashion ?
What is sillier than the fear
of the nothingness of death ?
Heaven was invented through
want of noble passion.

Grumpy old man smiles

At a time when religion, business
and show-business are becoming
indistinguishable, I was pleased
to hear that Westminster City Council
stuck by its semi-democratic by-law
and cut the braying sound-system
which broadcast across Hyde Park
the trash-music of mega-pop-idols
Springsteen and McCartney
at 10.40 pm,  when it had only just got dark.

Sunday 15 July 2012


is more child-management than teaching.
are more big-business and technocracy
than healing.


and other forms of allegiance
are pathetic substitutes for identity -
which seems to be getting rarer,
and can be sold for cash -
as civilisation marches on
to the aggressive sound
of competitive music-trash.

Saturday 14 July 2012

Woody Guthrie

was born a hundred years ago today.
Being a communist *,
he was a champion of the work-ethic.
The last fifteen years of his life
were spent dying
with the progressive paralysis
of Huntingdon's Chorea,
first in a psychiatric institution
then a geriatric ward.
Being a communist *,
he seems not to have thought
euthanasia a good idea.

* but never admitted into the Communist Party of America.

As the codpiece of time

slowly slides off
the male stripper of eternity,
and history, like fraternity,
seems to be passé,
it is difficult to find any of
the 0.001% of people worth knowing.

The 99.9% of dogs worth knowing
are largely unavailable...

Stolen childhoods

In some parts of the world
children live in  luxurious
of over-protection.
In others, children are kidnapped
and turned into killers.
Some places, such as Vanuatu,
some children have a childhood.

Friday 13 July 2012

"In the United States, the majority

undertakes to supply a multitude of ready-made opinions
for the use of individuals, who are thus relieved from the necessity
of forming opinions of their own."


"I know of no country in which there is so little independence of mind
and real freedom of discussion as in America."

- Alexis de Tocqueville

Otters, too, like their teddies.


(Brought to you by the Dissident Discovery Channel
with thanks to Almina Kaselis)

Thursday 12 July 2012

Stupid amounts of money

go into a gymnasium...
How I wish I could join
a local euthanasium...

and when I whisper "Here goes!"
will I be raving or frowning
or holding my nose ?

Man has no saving grace -

that's why he invented God
to justify his going forth to multiply
and overrun the planet.
The saving grace of sex
can only be its sheer absurdity.

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Abolish the Apostrophe!

That damned apostrophe!  What use is it
when most people seem to get it wrong
most of the time ?
It's useless pedantry to differentiate
orthographically its and it's, theirs and there's,
peters and Peter's...yet somehow
I can't abolish it from what I write.
Please, someone, help me!
Pass a law apostrophising
the damned apostrophe.

"I studied the [Holy] Q'uran a great deal.

"I came away from that study with the conviction that by and large there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of M'hamed [صلى الله عليه وسلم‎]."

wrote Alexis de Tocqueville.

"M'hamed [صلى الله عليه وسلم‎] claimed that he received his Words from Heaven, and the [Holy] Q'uran contains not only a collection of religious doctrines, but political maxims, civil and criminal laws, and theories of natural science. The [Christian] Gospel, on the other hand, speaks only of the general relations of men to God and to each other - beyond which it inculcates and imposes no point of faith. This alone, besides a thousand other reasons, would suffice to prove that the former of these religions will never long predominate in a cultivated and democratic age, whilst the latter is destined to retain its sway at these as at all other periods."

In other words, Islam could never have produced the whole world-trashing apparatus of capitalism. Indeed, those who dream of the new Caliphate imagine it as largely agrarian.
They may well prove de Tocqueville very wrong.

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Heritage, Family and Confusion

I have just read (and here re-blogged)
Autism Rocks: "I never knew we were Jewish".


whether totalitarian or 'democratic'
always involves the abuse
of influence by threat of force.

The one great argument for representative
pseudo-democracy is that
it is better to be governed by nonentities
- even by cabals and cartels of nonentities -
than by monsters.

"[the Roman emperors] frequently abused their power arbitrarily
to deprive their subjects of property or of life:
their tyranny was extremely unpleasant for the few,
but it did not reach the masses;

 ... But it would seem that if despotism were to be established 
amongst the democratic nations of our days 
it might assume a different character; 
it would be more extensive and more mild, 
it would degrade men without tormenting them."

- Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, Book IV, Chapter 6.

Collective action

is more likely to create mess than clean it up.

“The more alike [people] are, the weaker each feels in the face of all.”
― Alexis de Tocqueville

Sunday 8 July 2012

When His Corrupt Hypocrisy

the Pope bestowed a visit on Great Britain
a small group of Maghrebi Muslims
were incarcerated for discussing
at a canteen table
how big a bomb might be needed
to blow up the bullet-proof Popemobile
(so very different from our Dear Lord's
usual means of transport).

I am wondering what it would take
to make her Bourgeois and Britannic Majesty
drop dead on the day or eve of the opening
of the Jingo-Olympics
(a travesty of those in ancient Greece)
and am awaiting the Special Branch
with interest.  In case they do not know it,
my houses are never locked,
have no cameras, knockers, codes or bells,
so come on in, boys!  Read and confiscate
my New Age Terrorist's Book of Spells.

click here
to view a rather splendid Corrupt Hypocrisy from days of yore 

Compare and contrast a much more terrible old queen,
the niece of the pope you should have just viewed;
the similarity to the Queen of Christmas Island*

 is somewhat surreal.

Today's Interesting Fact: If you look up Christmas Island on Wikipediayou will find no mention at all of its history as a British Nuclear Testing Site in the 1950s.

The Ultimate Tantra



Why is it not considered rude
to ask people you have never seen before
what they 'do' ?
Personally, I'd rather be asked
how much money I had, or
whether or not I was circumcised
(straight answer, yes or no).
So when the taxi-driver (taxi-driver!)
asked me what I 'did' before
'retirement', I told him
I was an Escapist.

First of all, I escaped from school,
and sport, religion, competition;
then the strangling middle class,
employment, television,
marriage, armchairs and sofas, children,
all forms of monetary debt,
responsibility, the voting register, staleness
of mind (which normally sets in at 25)...
and now I am escaping the ills of senility -
and if they come, I'll happily escape this life,
throughout which I have managed to escape normality.

Saturday 7 July 2012

When might we start to realise

that the Second World War
might not have been worth winning ?
(Especially since, although knowing about the extermination camps, 
 the Allies made no effort whatsoever to destroy the railway-lines that they knew led to them.) 
And that probably
the 'wrong side' won
not just Lepanto and Waterloo
but also
World War One ?

Science is only

the continuous, continual
solving of puzzles,
step by small step into the
jaws of Hell.

Friday 6 July 2012

Gloss on a poem by Guillaume Apollinaire

Beneath this bridge here runs the river Seine
and our love with it. I should remember
that pleasure sometimes follows pain...
Night falls, clocks chime, days pass -
and I am still. Hand in hand and face to face
we stood while under the arch our arms made
flowed the faërie ooze of everlastingness.

Love (whatever that is) drifts away
like oil on water.
Through drag of life and lunar
pull of hope, days ebb into weeks,
and neither moments
nor loves past ever can return.
Clocks chime and nights decay.

[click HERE to read the original poem and a translation]

The principal sexual organ

(for men as well as women)
is the brain,
so one should feed it with a rich
and sensual variety of quality material,
not a sad slurry of crude,
unsensual and genital pornography,
best emptied down the drain.

One might have thought

that voluntary female contraception
would have ushered in
an age of dignified, mature
'free love', controlled by those
who needed to direct it.
The contrary occurred
- due to the Fear of Freedom
instilled in us from birth.

Thursday 5 July 2012

The streets are dreary

with bland tee-shirts
carrying inane slogans,

so here are some challenging
suggestions for the furtherance of
freedom of expression:

•      I do not exist - do you ?

      Art colleges kill art.

•      Enjoy Entropy!

•      Capitalism = progress
   from bull- and bear-baiting
    to bull-and bear-gambling.

      What is pornography ?

       are evil

      Admire the unexpected.

      Death is the living god.

     By Acatalepsis to Ataraxia !

From the writings of the False Diogenes

should be like two hands playing
a Chopin Nocturne,
or like four hands playing
a transcription of
Stravinsky's Petrouchka,
or like Ravel's piano
concerto for the left hand.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

On the day

that it was announced in Geneva
that the Higgs boson-particle
might have been discovered
at a cost of some billions of euros,
another hundred elephants
were trapped and tortured
for their tusks in Africa
(that means 36,000 every year),

and in the mountains above Geneva
young women at a Finishing School
learned how to eat oranges
with a knife and fork.


is ritualised blasphemy,
and within religion
blasphemy is the truest

Tuesday 3 July 2012

The culture of competitiveness

privileges creation
way above appreciation.
What a 'progress-trap'
is civilisation !

Progress ?

To be mauled and partly-eaten by a bear
might well be preferable to
1. torture by others of my own lamentable species
2. gradual starvation
3. slow, medicalised degeneration of mind
    or body, or both.
Give me the bear every time!

Monday 2 July 2012

If we take the slithery

out of life,
we are simply left with

But wonder, it seems,
is not good enough for us.
another element
of  'original sin'.

Human beings

are surrounded by a fœtid
miasma of deception and dishonesty
that dogs don’t seem to notice -
but cats do.

Sunday 1 July 2012

Zen philosophy

is unacceptable to millions
because it suggests
that the useless life is also good.

In fact,
living uselessly
is heavenly.

The trouble with doing things

is that it leads so often
to doing more things.