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Wednesday 31 May 2017

Funeral Advice.

Would The Deceased
actually care
whether you're there
or not ?
If the answer's No -
don't go
(unless you want to
sing the silly hymns and see the coffin,
the other Mourners, or the Graveyard Plot).
If the answer's Yes -
don't go under the dead's duress.

Tuesday 30 May 2017

Black-and-Yellow Dog Blues..

If I look Noble and Eager
 perhaps he'll take me out.
If I look Sad and Pathetic
 perhaps he'll take me out.
If I growl and bite him
 perhaps he'll throw me out.
       Oh no!
       Where will I go ?
       What will I eat ?
        I love him so...

Monday 29 May 2017

We congratulate ourselves as a species

for our ever-more-refined
ability to bind
effect to cause.
(and according to not just this poet)
we often get the linkage wrong
and never know it.

Saturday 27 May 2017

To be,

or to behave
is always the question.
To see,
or to blindly seem;
to express,
or to repress,

Friday 26 May 2017

Blue eyes

seem to fascinate many
(if not most) folk.
I have no idea why,
because I have always found
blue-eyed people
to be untrustworthy,
unreliable, "unsound".

Thursday 25 May 2017


"Terrorist Outrages" are,
in a typically human, perverted way,
quite intelligent, 'strategically-sound' -
because they re-foment the mindless humbug
which gave rise to the terrorism in the first place,
thus re-inforcing the vicious circle of alpha-male activity
which makes our nasty little human world 'go round'.

Wednesday 24 May 2017

On democracy and the commercial media.

"The people's" "right to know"
is, remarkably, no greater than "the media's"
desire and ability to profit from scandal.

Tuesday 23 May 2017

"The real struggle,"

wrote the Jewish philosopher Martin Buber,
"is not between East and West,
or Capitalism and Communism,
but between Education and Propaganda."
Unfortunately, there is no firm dividing-line
between any of these alleged opposites,
least of all between Education and Propaganda.

Monday 22 May 2017

This is a photo of

the plants seen today in flower
during a brief walk with Astérix on a limestone plateau.
They include Viper's Bugloss (Vipérine)

Rock Spurge
Birdsfoot Trefoil
Not-quite-Meadowsweet (which smells like Meadowsweet)
Rock Pink (carnation_
Rock Geranium
Spanish Broom
a kind of Privet
and a couple which I could not even guess...

And here is His Holy Sniffiness
in a riverside meadow a week earlier.

"Human desire,"

wrote Hegel,
"always begins with desire
for another's desire."

Friday 19 May 2017

Thursday 18 May 2017


Men care most about
what is least real -
and thus keep altering reality.

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Slavery never ends.

On the one hand
competitive and compulsive consumption,
requiring employment;
on the other
unregistered domestic labour.

Monday 15 May 2017

Popular poets

depress me !
Example: Robert Frost,
a Grand Old White Man
(but not fit to slather Whitman's arse)
whose smugness was unequalled.
No wonder that the puerile Allen Ginsberg
usurped him briefly in the 1960s!
"The road not taken" is so crass,
"The Gift Outright" so nauseatingly
offensive that I think that Robert Frost
kiboshed American poetry - as TS Eliot
garotted poetry in England with his
profoundly superficial Four Quartets.

Friday 12 May 2017

Tidiness is next to Godliness.

(The tune is by Handel
which may be why the hymn still sung.)

Thine be the glory, risen, conquering Son;
endless is the victory, thou o'er death hast won;
angels in bright raiment rolled the stone away,
kept the folded grave clothes where thy body lay.

Thursday 11 May 2017

On one of these "planetary bodies"

there is said to be water and ice
and, possibly, what we, in our ignorance,
call "life".

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Tuesday 9 May 2017

Sunday 7 May 2017

Life is...

1. (seriously) Just a consciousness-trap.
2. (frivolously) A waste of gas.

Saturday 6 May 2017

Before the "Garden of Eden"

it is not beyond the bounds of possibility#
that palæolithic adolescents (if not their seniors)
sucked each others' cocks.

Friday 5 May 2017

If only...

...Jean Genet and Rosa Luxemburg
had met in prison !


"True Liberty necessarily involves the freedom to think differently
from everyone around you."

Tuesday 2 May 2017

"Liberal, democratic"

has come to mean
"élitist" -
which it always was !
(Though you may have detected
that élite
actually means both "elect" and "elected".)