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Tuesday 31 March 2020

Apparently, I am ... a Vulnerable Adult.

Vulnus is Latin for wound,
and indeed I have always been easily
(but superficially) wounded.

An adult is someone
compromised, perfidious,
impure, diluted - in fact,
But I never quite grew up.

Monday 30 March 2020

The story so far.

Some 25,000 people (including combatants) have so far died, worldwide, from Covid-19.
Some 500,000 people (including combatants)  have died in Syria since 2012.
Some 230,000 people (including combatants) have died in Yemen since 2015.
Who is laughing ?

Democracy ? No, thanks.

I wonder about people who would have this
expensive Mazzega Murano object
hanging by its chromium throat
above a shag rug...

...but I suppose that they have the right to vote.

Saturday 28 March 2020

Hope is a trap

because it so often leads to
and frustration can lead destructively to

Friday 27 March 2020


To emphasise how pointless are
the totalitarian attempts to prevent the spread of The Virus,
I woke up this morning with a runny nose.
For the past five days I have been isolated and alone
except for a visit to the almost empty grocer's
and two visits to the almost-empty bakery.

Somewhere, somehow I was infected with the common cold,
which is only slightly more infectious than Covid-19.

The story so far.

Governments have opted for the risk of psycho-social disintegration
in the ludicrous hope that they can prevent the spread of the virus
and hence economic collapse.
No life-skills are taught in schools,let alone the basics of epidemiology;
civilisations have progressively abandoned them,
and all sorts of independence and intelligence have been deliberately discouraged.
Social breakdown will automatically lead to economic 'crash'...

But perhaps I'm being over-optimistic.

Thursday 26 March 2020


My mind
is my most intimate,
perhaps my most dangerous

Monday 23 March 2020

"There will be no return to 'normality'

Projection by Matías Segura – Santiago (Chile)

because Normality was the problem."

Rejoice in The Virus !

Hallelujah !
Covid-19 may Save The Planet (from us, for a time)
– but only if a few hundred million succumb.
Where do I volunteer ?

Sunday 22 March 2020

The chief beneficiaries

of the present panicdemic
(apart from the predatory police)
will be the 'drug cartels'
supplying the 'needs' of rich
and poor alike,
who will continue
almost unhindered
to rake in the trillions
- much of which will be
suitably laundered
through Liechtenstein, Jersey, Grand Cayman, Curaçao...
for lending to
bankrupt governments.

PS  Current beneficiaries (at least in France)
include wild animals, which will not be hunted down
by the usual licensed gangs.

PPS  Online gambling will do quite well, too...

Saturday 21 March 2020

In times of Crisis

governments treat the governed
(except for the very rich)
like naughty children.

At election times
governments treat the governed
like stupid teenagers.

At all times
governments are composed of stupid teenagers
and the governed actually are
recalcitrant children.

Frankly, most of us
are unqualified to vote,
much less to govern.

Friday 20 March 2020

The police in France

are in Seventh Heaven
because they again
(after a gap of 75 years)
can stop, question and arrest
anyone who leaves their house
without a silly bit of paper
or a Permitted Reason.

France is always just one Presidential Decree from being a totalitarian state.

Christianity is a scant

and defective morality
without a philosophy
- let alone a basis in fact;
Buddhism a philosophy
upon which religion
and superstition
are often crudely tacked.

Thursday 19 March 2020

Yet another little irony.

an anti-malarial favoured
in French Guiana -
and my drug-of-choice
to end my long life
of mild cultural neurosis
is claimed to reduce the symptoms
and severity of Covid-19
- in 500-milligram doses.

Wednesday 18 March 2020

As I get older

I don't too much regret the diminution of my faculties.
But when my taste-buds start to falter
and I cannot enjoy my cooking any more
will be the time to die (if not before).

Tuesday 17 March 2020


The god Pan was the god of extreme behaviour,
and is celebrated in the word panic.
But the pan in pandemic
as in pandemonium
comes from the Greek word for all.

Heraclitus is famous for his dictum
πάντα ῥεῖ (panta rhei): All is flow.
Life is tide and undertow.

A misanthrope like me,
Heraclitus reportedly did not like Pythagoras.
Some of his declarations
are cryptic or vague.

My village of Caylus,
during the continuing emergencies
of the Hundred Years War
and another hundred years
of religious, town-burning hostilities,
was visited five times by Plague.

Monday 16 March 2020


create unhappiness
- which is probably
why they are so popular
and (apparently)
so successful.

Sunday 15 March 2020

Saturday 14 March 2020

Three Cheers for Direct Democracy in France.

Local elections are coming soon in France. 
Remote Rochefourchat in the far south of the country has 6 stone dwellings, a non-functional phone-box, an old church - and just one permanent inhabitant, who was mayor until he resigned a couple of years ago.  His replacement is a Paris lawyer who has a holiday home in the hamlet which continues to be designated a commune, and thus must have a mayor and local council.  The seven councillors represent the total of seven families who are also holiday-homers.

Any public works (on laneways and the only street) are carried out (or financed) by the second-homers.  The requisite 4 council meetings a year take place over a meal around a private table.  There are few decisions to be taken 

"We have direct democracy, as in ancient Athens," declared the mayor.

Friday 13 March 2020

The miasma

of money
inflates every ego
until it becomes
yet another airship
dropping shit (if not bombs) on the wretched* and the poor.

* Irrelevant aside : why was the title of Victor Hugo's book  Les Misérables not translated into English 
(as The Wretched [of the Earth]) ?

Thursday 12 March 2020

On religious toleration.

Because almost all religions are insults to intelligence
rather than philosophies
we should be minimally tolerant of them all equally, doggedly.

Wednesday 11 March 2020

Against the tide.

After the withering of heroic verse
poetry should be allied to prophecy
not to the banality of anecdote.

Tuesday 10 March 2020

In celebration of self-isolation.

(Today, for the first time, I looked in Twitter
after reading about this guy.
This is not a recommendation.)

Brian Bilston

March 6th 2020

Coronavirus for me
holds few fears:
I’ve been self-isolating now
for twenty-five years.

The Income-tax Principle*

People who can well pay
don't pay.
People who can barely pay
are made to pay
in more than one way.

*as observed by one who has never paid tax on revenue because of a (purely relative) lack of income.

Monday 9 March 2020

The shock

that I had when I first kissed a man
at the age of 39
was that I liked it.
He had a beard
and moustache,
for which (I heard
unreliably on the radio)
there are 17 words in Albanian.


Sunday 8 March 2020

Bongs and dongs in England

Great Peter
Little John
and Big Ben
are all bells,
not fond nicknames for men's dongs.

Friday 6 March 2020

When you don't have a father, a grandmother can be just as effective.

She didn't 'cripple me for life'
except according to the retrospective
evaluation of her kind.
I think that she empowered me at an early age
to be a happy, solitary drifter
by whacking my left hand when I used it
'inappropriately', and by sending me
to a nursery school where a co-conspirator
did the same - but with a ruler's edge.

And so I stammered, was farouche, had tantrums,
and tended to resist 'authority'
(which is usually just authoritarianism).
In my slow dissociation from social norms and expectations
these grim women were the thin end of the wedge.

I wear a watch on my right wrist
but cannot write with my right hand.

Thursday 5 March 2020


is a big mistake
that can lead to doing
which is an even bigger one.

- The Aimless Drift Society of Shirkers, Drop-outs,Starers into the Middle Distance,
   and Writers who Cannot Write.

Wednesday 4 March 2020

from "The Tanners" (1907) by Robert Walser.

“How revolting it is when those grossed out on high-end goods and services
keep on blaming the poor for their poverty!"

Tuesday 3 March 2020

Monday 2 March 2020

Francisco Goya meets Otto Dix:

Two of my favourite drawings by the great
Foma Jaremtschuk:

Foma Jaremtschuk (1907-1986)was born in a remote Siberian village in 1907. In 1936 he was arrested and sent to a Siberian labour camp - where he spent most of his life before being moved to "psychiatric facilities", where he died in 1986.

Some time in the 1950s and early 1960s, while under the care of Dr. Mikhail Kutanin, head of the Saratov Psychiatric Clinic, Jaremtschuk produced a remarkable body of drawings. Though completely untrained and using only the simplest of materials, he created a pictorial universe that is utterly compelling yet terrifying.

His drawings, between raw fantasy and realism, speak eloquently of the appalling experience of the extremely harsh life in the Soviet Gulags.

More pictures here

They should be reproduced on walls as 'Street Art'.

Sunday 1 March 2020

Phrase of the Week :

Bottleneck of Genetic Drift.
I think that's us, the species which boils worms alive
to make silk, kills elephants to make silly ornaments
and has already caused the extinction
of hundreds of species.

The populations and genetic drift of mammals
'exploded' after minotaurs dinosaurs became extinct.

I wonder which species will benefit after we wipe ourselves out ?
(It certainly won't be ear-worms !)