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Wednesday 29 July 2015

Why don't doctors tell you what you need to know ?

I was not told about what happens after a cataract operation,
certainly not about the common complication of
Posterior Capsule Opacification - which has much the same effect
as cataract.  I have it in both eyes.

Nor had I heard of the not-uncommon, messy complication
following 'deep' surgery such as I have had recently
on my femur : seroma - which I now have
and which may last several months.

Before we sign the consent forms for operations
we should ask for a print-out of common complications,
and a time-line for recovery from them as well as
from the operation.  But we don't.

And such basic courtesy by doctors will not be offered us.

Because the English are waging Jihad against the poor,

rich English tourists are finding it difficult
to reach The Continent by car.

Lorries/trucks 'stacked' on English motorway
waiting to drive through the Channel Tunnel.

Would-be immigrants to Britain being well-herded.

Hopeless migrants try to storm a ferry.
The French entrance to the Channel Tunnel.

Tuesday 28 July 2015

The Last Supper.

Christian religious paintings are - of course -
travesties of reality.  Not even 'art'.
There aren't many 'representations' of The Last Supper,
but they all feature a table and chairs -
European inventions to keep people off filthy
and sometimes muddy mediæval floors.
Jesus and his buddies would - of course -
have eaten like the Palestinian poor eat today
and not like the Jews of modern Israel.

Byzantine painting, church of San Giorgio, Venice.

Is it any wonder that I despise the tight-lipped, tight-arsed medical profession ?

Before I had my cataract operations
I was given very little information about the consequences,
and, of course, not about the possibility
of the gradual deterioration of my sight
due to posterior capsule opacification.
Depressing too that
when I had my broken hip replaced,
all was triumphant optimism: no mention of the insidious risk
of post-operative depression
which is particularly common in fit people living alone,
and who have difficulty reading because of PCO.

Monday 27 July 2015

Homegrown terrorists.

Since September 2001
fewer than a hundred Americans have been killed by terrorists
usually without guns.
Since September 2010
tens of thousands of Americans have been killed by Americans
with guns.

Gooseberry Fool

is (for me) not just The Treat of the Summer
but The Treat of the Year.
It is very easy to make:- 

just cook green gooseberries in very little water,
pass them through a hand-mouli/food-sieve-squasher

to make a fine purée
(this way you don't need to top and tail them),
and put them in the refrigerator.
When they are nice and cold, whip up some
equally-cold cream (up to the same volume,
but less if you prefer).  Add a dash of rum to the gooseberries,
fold in the cream, and serve with Demerara sugar on top.
Do not use sugar in the preparation.

* The whole point of this dessert is its combined smoothness,
tartness and sweetness.

Saturday 25 July 2015

The Ancient Greeks

(amongst others)
realised that in order to transcend
you must first descend.

Friday 24 July 2015

Thursday 23 July 2015

Nice Mr Garrison Keillor

of Lake Wobegon, Minnesota,
is to end hosting
his forty-year radio show.
"I love you, Garrison."
"Is that you or the wine talking ?"
"It's me talking to the wine."

Dark Matters

Life is a scam.
Sex is a hoax.
The cosmos is jam-
packed with terrible jokes.

Wednesday 22 July 2015

The British Prime Minister is concerned

that some Muslim members of the Electorate
do not think of themselves as British
and do not embrace British Values.
He seems to have forgotten that a few hundred thousand
electors in the semi-colony of Northern Ireland, part of the UK,
not only do not think of themselves as British but also, like me,
refuse to vote in the crass elections, and have chosen
Irish nationality, proud that Ireland is the only EU country
not to be in NATO.  Some of them refuse to speak English.

The British Empire was founded on genocide, genocidal slavery,
the expulsion of the poor from Scotland,
invasion of weak states or non-states,
and war with England's nearest neighbours.

The chief British Values are nationalism, racism, xenophobia, vengefulness, sentimentality, snootiness, hypocrisy,
psychopathic secrecy, militarism, greed, educational inequality, snobbery...
and (we are told by the snooty English Prime Minister) tolerance or toleration !

The 'Self-styled "Islamic State"' has a long way to go
before it exceeds the evil and the war-crimes
that the British (including the 'North British'
and Ulster-Scots 'West British') visited upon the world.
The Welsh, speaking no English, went to Patagonia
and saved the natives from Argentinian genocide.

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Behind the Shadowsphere

the anti-matter
of anti-time
will be anti-food
of anti-love
and was vice-versa.

Civilisation is founded on privation and religious taboos.

For example, the almost-universal
taboo against eating (and, presumably, enjoying)
No wonder.
Here is a typical civilised human being
at the current peak of earthly evolution.

Capitalism was founded on the most appalling slavery
ever practised, by a racist country which to this day
sees itself as a bastion of freedom and human rights
- for the privileged people who are allowed to enter it.

Monday 20 July 2015

"Our past

affects our present like a continuing nightmare,"
wrote the perceptive and bushy-bearded Karl.

What he failed to say,
being (like 99% of our damned species)
an optimist, and writing before even the terrible
American Civil War,
was that the future would be unimaginably horrible.

Sunday 19 July 2015

The Work-Ethic.

In American English leisure
rhymes with seizure,
whereas in British and 'colonial' English
it rhymes with pleasure.

 "So, yeah, leisure. 
And I don't mean having profound thoughts. 
I mean having no thoughts at all. 
Without thoughts of progress, 
without any self-thoughts of trying to further yourself. 
Just...like a slug. It's beautiful."

- Charles Bukowski

Saturday 18 July 2015

A Different Darwin.


People have had sex with pit bulls, donkeys and even parrots, but this incident is on another level.

Rupert Darwin, 59, kept a 12 foot alligator tied and blindfold for the last month, sexually assaulting the reptile several times a day.

Florida Man Arrested for Having Sex with an Alligator

Darwin is a relatively unknown fisherman who lives in the outskirts of the remote town of 400. Residents say he sticks to himself and described him as “odd.”
Police responded after a man out on a nature hike happened to walk by Darwin’s house and saw Darwin having sex with the alligator in his backyard.

The witness heard Darwin say, “next time you try to kill a man, you best get the job done. Now you’re my bitch forever.”

“It was the damn strangest thing I’ve ever seen,” the witness told police. “The gator didn’t even move. It was like it didn’t give a s**t that man was having sex with it.”
Collier County Sheriffs responded and arrested Darwin on multiple counts of animal cruelty and one count of illegally keeping a wild animal.

 Excerpt from Darwin’s police statement:

The gator tried to eat me and this was revenge, pure and simple. I don’t have no sexual attraction to gators, but I wanted to teach this bitch a lesson. I could have just killed her, but that would have been too easy. She was getting what she deserved.

Darwin also told police he had planned to chop off the alligator’s tail and pull her teeth as part of his revenge scheme and had even considered performing noise torture on the reptile by playing what Darwin described as “nigger music” over and over.

Darwin claimed the alligator had gotten a hold of his pant leg when he was fishing in a swamp and tried to drag him into the water. Darwin was able to escape without injury, but that had set his resolve to get revenge.

The alligator is being treated for relatively minor injuries and is expected to be released back into the wild within a couple weeks.

(from thugvirals.com)

Thursday 16 July 2015

Above the mountaIns of Charon

Pluto Rises

It is interesting - perhaps instructive

- to list those many modern European states
which have never threatened their neighbours :-

* Though its inhabitants enthusiastically helped to wipe out various peoples from Tasmania to Texas to California

** Though of course it was the first European colonial power (in Africa), and inventor of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  Nevertheless, it was never a threat to Spain...

Tuesday 14 July 2015

My Translation

of a famous poem by a contemporary of Santoka,

Kaneko Mitsuharo (1895-1975)


When I was young
I resisted school,
and now
I resist employment. 

What I most hate
are property and hygiene.
There's nothing so inhuman
as law-abiding cleanliness. 

Naturally, I contradict The Spirit of our Nation.
Duty and Social Function make me vomit.
I'm against all governments everywhere
and wave my smelly cock
at the cosy cartels of
Accepted Writers. 

When I'm asked what my Purpose In Life is,
I answer: To oppose.
When I'm facing Eastwards
I go Westward. 

I do up my coat and shoes the wrong way round.
I wear my trousers back to front,
and likewise ride a horse.
What everyone else hates I like.
My greatest hate of all is
consensus, unanimity, received opinion. 

So I believe that to oppose
is the only splendid thing in life.
To oppose is REALLY to live.
To oppose is to connect deeply
with the spirit within.

Monday 13 July 2015

There are fewer and fewer hitch-hikers

as our culture gets meaner and meaner,
so today I gave a lift to a flower
called Milfoil (Achillea) - at its most lovely
just before it blooms fully.
Of course it didn't want to go anywhere,
being a flower,
but I brought it home with me...
Being a human, I have such power.

Sunday 12 July 2015

After some millions of years of evolution

- we have lost only the hair
and gained only gew-gaws and twisted self-consciousness.

But there are exceptions:

Saturday 11 July 2015


up prose
can occasi
onally be po
etry if it
says some
thing inter
esting or
even po
etic and
is better
chopped than

Friday 10 July 2015

Being a bit backward,

it never occurred to me
that the traditional presentation of a time-piece
to a retiree was symbolic of the new reality
that he now was in control of his own time.

This was very often too terrible, too heavy to bear :
many men died within 5 years of retirement.


trying to
solve explain
head or tail
of other
the dead
are not so far away
just beyond
the brain

Thursday 9 July 2015

Witless witness.

In the Museum of Doors
none of my choices is significant.
Most myself when I'm alone,
inevitably, my brain is less mended
than amended.

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Apocalypse Soon

Leading Israeli Rabbi Says
Arrival of Messiah Imminent
Archbishop of Canterbury Says
Move Over Jesus
All Worship Is Cock

Monday 6 July 2015

Sunday 5 July 2015

On the Greek Referendum

Many people make money
out of making very many
other people's lives a misery.

Saturday 4 July 2015

Friday 3 July 2015

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Tunisia, 1960

On a balmy November moonlit night
I walked along the empty beach at Sousse
and found a solitary  line-fisherman
who tenderly allowed me to enclose his cock
in my mouth - not knowing that
sixty years earlier, André Gide (author of
L'Immoraliste) had done the same -
and not knowing that, forty-five years later, this beach
would be an ugly tourist destination
with an unpleasant display
of sunbathing bodies which would be fired on
by an Islamic Terrorist.