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Saturday 30 March 2019

Friday 29 March 2019

Of course there is no 'energy crisis'.

We have a population crisis,
a waste and defecation crisis,
and a consumption crisis. 

           Now a film.

Thursday 28 March 2019

It pays the rent.

My friend, a fellow-Irishman
who lives in England
has found the perfect part-time job
for a misanthrope without ambition
as shelver of books in the library
of an emporium of erudition.

Tuesday 26 March 2019

Vivre heureux, c'est vivre caché. (French proverb)*

Having always been unemployed,
my life has mainly been
(and continues to be)
immersions in remarkable books,
of which there are hundreds
- though I always skipped over the sex-scenes,
which made the Marquis de Sade
very easy to read.

*To be happy, stay under the radar.

Monday 25 March 2019

It's mildly amusing

that, in the old days,
people were instructed to say cheese
in front of a camera
rather than leer.

Saturday 23 March 2019


One of the nastiest little phrases:
'When you were just a twinkle in your father's eye.'

Thursday 21 March 2019

"In some strange way

we devalue things 
as soon as we mention them."

- Maurice Maeterlinck, quoted by Robert Musil in his epigraph to Young Törless.(1906).

Monday 18 March 2019

The Fifth Quartet

The indecent din of poetry
can be relieved
only by the poetry of silence.

Friday 15 March 2019

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Onus of Entropy.

Anus of intellect.
Rebus of rationality.
I feel
that I'm sinking
slowly below
the weight of futility.

Friday 1 March 2019

Another few words on

civilisation :
the progressive limitation
and regulation
of spontaneity.