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Saturday 31 July 2010

Employment :

the strings
that pathetic human
puppets dangle
from - and are emotionally

Friday 30 July 2010

A humble refutation of monotheism

If we are 'made in God's image',
God must be a pretty ugly animal
compared with, say, a Slow Loris.

And if we are the best that God
could produce, God help Him!

(I guess he didn't so much die
as lose the will to live...)

Thursday 29 July 2010

Tournament of values

What nobody will learn at school
is the only thing worth knowing:
how to live.

Wednesday 28 July 2010

A Maundering

I am so disgusted by double-think,
mendacity, hypocrisy and greed
that I sometimes think that if
al-Qaïda of the Amazing Aircraft
were vegetarian non-breeders
I'd join them.

But then I remember that a certain
Adolf Schicklgruber Hitler
was a vegetarian non-breeder...

'There are no good guys.'

Monday 26 July 2010

If thoughts ever

become clear in the
clogged sewers of our brains
we will have become mere

Sunday 25 July 2010


is ambiguity.
It mocks.
The greatest truth
is paradox

and cocks
love other cocks.

Friday 23 July 2010

The least of our crimes against Nature

is the sensory deprivation
and boredom of domestic animals
unto dullness, depression
and death.

Thursday 22 July 2010

"Day unto day

uttereth speech,
and night unto night showeth knowledge"

- Psalm 19:2

A kind of lampshade, skin
over skeleton, I glow
from the softness of
your passion
and not inflamed
by man's mean fury
his insane and mere complexity

Feel! I festoon
your labyrinthine, abracadabrantine stair
with a sub-luminary softening
that cannot come from ordinary light

That rare and velvet
is a kind of kind shadow-flare
that makes us both aware
of the sheer simplicity of sanity
Deep in the sewer,
the brain's profanity,
to each other's heart,
we perform the elegant and touching rite.

Wednesday 21 July 2010


Not the Black
nor the White
but the Bright Death
of Difference -

the seductive, hypnotic

Monday 19 July 2010

Expensive and poor,

religion is just
an expensive and poor
substitute for simple
or animal connection.

Sunday 18 July 2010


are oracles
that few can interpret;
but fantasies
are desperate.

Saturday 17 July 2010

"The land of the free"

is one of only a few
from which the poorest
cannot escape.

Which is why
there are no American

Friday 16 July 2010

The only time

that I like civilisation
is when I am confronted
by its ruins
and its ruin.

Thursday 15 July 2010


give more than they take.
Is that why we cut them down
instead of worshipping them ?

Wednesday 14 July 2010

We don't say

'Beware of Trojans bearing gifts',
since almost all of them were slaughtered
except Æneas, his father,
and some anonymous others.

The Trojan horse
was Greek, of course.

Tuesday 13 July 2010

In the afterlife

everything goes very
very slowly
because we are still
very old.

This is excellent in orgies
but not so good
in offices.

Monday 12 July 2010

George W. Bush was quite right :

there is no word in French
(or any other language, except Japanese
which uses the same word in the same way)
that corresponds with the English word

Entreprise in French means 'business',
and un entrepreneur is anyone
who does a job for money or reward.

(This, of course is neither an apophthegm
nor a poem.)

Civilisation :

the war against the longing
it creates.

Saturday 10 July 2010


Just reversing the colours
of a flag does not diminish
your insanely profitable crimes.

Friday 9 July 2010

Thursday 8 July 2010

from the Library of Zion

The most prized
bookmarks in history
would have been manufactured
from the undecayed
pressed foreskins
of leadingNazis.
But few or none were made.

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Sunday 4 July 2010

Most information

is useless
(if not dangerous)
without the information
to inform it.

And so it goes...

Friday 2 July 2010


(inspired by Orhan Veli)


I love thin hairy bearded men,
I also love hunky working men
and sexy men on the dole
(I'd make the latter piles of toast) -
but I love thin, hunky, working-but-
unemployed, bearded men the most.

Thursday 1 July 2010


goal-driven skill
displays the spoiled infantilism
of the European will.