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Monday, 30 March 2020

Democracy ? No, thanks.

I wonder about people who would have this
expensive Mazzega Murano object
hanging by its chromium throat
above a shag rug...

...but I suppose that they have the right to vote.


Bearz said...

In the Gainsborough I grew up in there plenty of light shades that were just a kitsch as that but a little less flash with it. They were surely a lot cheaper too, though what they cost as they added to an atmosphere of near-disagreement constantly hiding just below the surface will never be known. As Mr Dingo knows and practices, tasteful lights nearer the walls of a room make for that sense of maximum shared space. I am glad to be well taught by them how to make my home more gracious.

Wofl said...

Dear Gracious-living Bearz,

Thank you for your kind and deeply-felt words. Mr Doo-dah Dingo.