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Friday, 1 February 2013

(adapted from a blog by Jindra)

...of offering my penis for transplant.
I would ask for no remuneration, just expenses -
if the recipient has no objection to the tattooed snake,
nor to my member's Smegmatic Tendency...


Anonymous said...

Auban, the penises are great and everything, but I would kill to live in a sleek, slender body like yours!


What wonderful sites you've created, and I never heard of the Irish sweathouses until now...

Wofl said...

Thankyou, Janus, for your delicious encomium :-) Actually I am as slim as the guy in the picture - slimmer than I was at 17! But, being septuagenarian, there are a few wrinkles...and of course the fading tattoos...

Thanks also for visiting my various websites. Once I overcame my technophobia, I took to the Web like a duck to water.

You can read my new Page of the Month on www.beyond-the-pale.co.uk/month.htm