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Friday, 11 June 2021

From the beginning,

Christianity was what we would now call racist,
and was certainly divisive.
Civis romanus sum,
declared the controlling, micromanaging St Paul,
not Iudaeus sum, nor even Humanus sum.

(If you don't know basic Latin or basic Christian history,ignore this blog.)

(Incidentally, women were not virile Roman citizens, merely women,
even if they manipulated emperors, as did Agrippina and Helena.)

(Christianity was a disaster for the planet; it produced Islam and, much worse, modern science and technology which have reduced the Earth to short-term resource.)

(And so they, the white Christians, plan to migrate to another planet, create another desert without Desert Fathers.)

(Paul hoped to "save" himself [from what ?] by "saving" others. And so he and the cult that he founded doomed the planet and its dominant race to bleak sterility.)

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