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Wednesday, 19 May 2021

When I was seven years old,

I wanted to be a (male) ballet-dancer.
At ten I found an interest in astronomy.
I prevailed upon my mother to take me
to meetings of the Irish Astronomical Society.
In 1953, when I was eleven,
I had my first little essay
published in the school magazine.
It was a review of Flying Saucers Have Landed
by Leslie and Adamski.
Long before sheeple became interested
in space travel, I had read Werner von Braun
- and abandoned astronomy because
it was too mathematical, and in any case
it was probably a childish pseudo-intellectual pose.
But this very day I hear that the Department
of Defense in the USA is about to publish
its hitherto-unrevealed documents on UFOs.

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Wofl said...

Since then I have wallowed in dilettantism, with interests in anthropology, meterorology, painting, music, philosophy, linguistics, 12th century sculpture, prehistoric tombs, stone circles, plants, hairy men, serious cinema, Albania, nutrition...even politics.