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Monday, 16 November 2015

In 'The Land of the Free' (2)

the free are nowhere to be seen.
In the Home of the Brave
the Achievement Directorate supervises you
from your cosy buggy to your cold, cold grave.


Anonymous said...

Ever been to the USA?Raúl

Wofl said...

No, Raúl. I would not be allowed in, and I would rather visit Paraguay - or, of course, North Korea ;-)
I have however been to South Ontario and Québec (Canada) which I loved. Toronto is one of the few big cities that I felt happy in - though, that said, I used to love Paris as a city to visit, but began to hate its aggressiveness and hurry when I was there for long periods.

Marcus Billson said...

There are more eccentrics, free and out of the reach of the invisible, here on our streets in the US than anywhere else on the planet, thumbing their noses at convention, normality, fashion, and achievement. You see them everywhere in California, in New York, in the West with its frontier history, and even in the South. Canada, on the other hand, is very safe with all the safety of the Golden Mean. Interesting, Auban, you came so far but did not venture into the Wild and Unpredictable US of A. A protest against tastelessness, bourgeois revulsion, capitalist values, and military adventurism? Ah, mon frère, tu vives aussi en France!