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Monday, 16 November 2015

Yesterday I received TWO (2) visitors.

By the fertile balls of Zeus!
It's hard to be a hermit
and recluse
even in the waterlogged
winter countryside of [m]Ireland...


Anonymous said...

Well you are a hermit who go by plane ans went to canada Raúl

Marcus Billson said...

I hope you enjoyed the visit. "By Zeus's fertile balls" has morphed into "By Jupiter's cock" in the New Zealand miniseries--the goriest, most brutal rendition of man to man violence ever produced by anyone (not even Hollywood can compare)--a most popular soap opera about Spartacus and gladiators seen all over the world on Netflix. I much prefer your epithet. Some beautiful young thing always did conceive when he shot his wad into her. As to your visitors, I am certain they had a great time.