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Sunday, 15 November 2015

"Social Security" in Blunderland.

Today I received
my tax-free Winter Fuel Payment
of £200 (€280, $310)
available to all 'British'* Pensioners
including millionaires (to whom
of course it is the average posh restaurant tip
- at any rate, a piddl-
ing amount.

I have already bought my winter coal
(shipped to Northern Ireland from Colombia),
so I think I'll spend at least some of the WFP
on a few bottles of excellent Chilean Malbec
from the wine section of my local Lidl.

*'British' means anyone resident in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
even if a Waha'bbite born in Saudi Arabia, an Albanian 'economic migrant', or (like me) an Irish passport-holder living in the above-mentioned tight, tiny, statelet-colony.

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Anonymous said...

Señor Auban,
you are fortunate to have a social security. Here in Paraguay if someone does not have a private or state retirement, one is almost doomed to die in the streets. For those who are in extreme poverty the state gives 150 and 160 US dollars. No enough to get by. Not a nice country to get old and die in peace. Raul