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Monday 1 July 2024

Progress reversed.

Once upon a time, in 1945,
a shy Prime Minister of Britain
and its frayed empire drove himself
around in a battered little Morris 10
– at least when it wasn't his wife who did the driving.

He oversaw the greatest social revolution
in Europe since the beheadings
of 17th and 18th century kings,

He initiated the dismantling of the empire
(in unfortunate circumstances) and installed
the world's most advanced welfare state
and the only health service to offer
free consultation and treatment to everyone.

Despite the capitalist and American grip
on Britain, it became the most truly-socialist
country in the world has ever known,
and was not a failed experiment
(at least not until tower-block machines-
for-being-isolated-in were built). Since then
the turbo-capitalist, plutocratic and American
monopolistic jaws
(Thatcher-Reaganomics devised by evil men)
have hollowed out its Welfare State, and the rich
are many more times richer than the struggling poor,
more people are homeless and ill-nourished,
than in 1945, back when
the visionary, shy socialist Prime Minister
drove himself about in his battered Morris 10.

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