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Tuesday 16 January 2024


In Caylus,
as in many French villages,
most street lights are extinguished at midnight.

This should benefit
the several species of bat.

When I moved here, 
an orange sodium light glared all night
opposite my house, just ten feet away
across a narrow street
unfrequented even on a summer's day.  

I disconnected it
and nobody ever came to fix it.
I'm pretty sure that no-one noticed,
let alone reported it.

But maybe when the sodium lights are replaced
with LEDs, the cutting of the wire will be noticed.
Or maybe not...

In most French villages, most streets are empty after 8 pm.


Jindra K. Hrdlička said...

I have done something like that myself, Toníku. I felt strange. Now I am glad that somewhere in Europe is a man who also dislikes the unbearable light of a streetlight.

Wofl said...

It actually was my nearest neighbour who suggested that I abolish the unbearable brightness of nightness.
But once or twice it has been so dark that I had difficulty finding the front door.