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Thursday, 7 September 2023

BBC Radio

like the whole world (and the moon)
has become terminally infected
by the United States. 
Documentary programmes
now have interfering musak.
More and more contributors
are American, and are gabbling
twice as fast as contributors used to,
and, having been asked and paid
to appear on 'shows' (which is what discussion
programmes with some intellectual weight
are now called) insist on thanking
the presenter for 'having them on the show'
as if they were Lazarus at Dives' gate.


Karl said...

The same in Irish cultural life, needless to say. I say recently for the first time the term "East Yank" used to denote a certain kind of Irish person who takes all their cultural cues from American programmes, films and music. I thought it ingenious. It brought to mind the voice of that girl who comes on toward the end of Ryanair flights asking for contributions to "charidee", as if she had just returned from spending a summer in the States.

Wofl said...

See the forthcoming History of the Irish 'Quality', from West Britons to East Yanks...