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Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Mainly the Palaces,* not the Prisons.

The recently-deceased
fawned-upon monarch
of a shameless, genocidal
United Kingdom (in which
I was born in nineteen-forty-one)
once said to President Mandela that she had
'seen more of Africa than almost anyone'.

Ah, the crassness of the Windsors
and the greyish whites !
But I guess that the saintly Nelson
was well-used to mindless slights.

*and boulevards, and lush plantations in Kenya.

from The Guardian
King Charles’s staff given redundancy notice during church service for Queen.

Exclusive: Employees said to be livid and shaken
as up to 100 Clarence House employees told they could lose their jobs.


Karl said...

The elites mustn't be thrilled to see the miles-long queue of willing slaves, desperate to fawn over their "Matriarch". There is no hope for humanity.

Wofl said...

Hello Karl,

I think you meant must rather than mustn't.

Mind-searing food for further hopelessness is provided on this week's Thinking Aloud on BBC Radio 4.


The biggest consumer of fossil fuels is...wait for it...the burgeoning plastics industry, which grew exponentially as Covid progressed, and which will continue to cause infinitely more damage to the planet than the occasional oil-spill or re-deployed power-station.

All corporations are satanic. Especially those which own the rivers and the sea.

Karl said...

Ah yes, must indeed. I must have been distracted by my grief. Or is that mustn't?