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Wednesday, 14 September 2022

A nice little exchange on the notorious 4chan.

  Anonymous 09/05/22(Mon)18:10:38 No.4076722   [Reply]

Is becoming a wedding photographer a good idea?

>>4076722 (OP)
Any job where you're directly dealing with the public is a bad idea.
It's not nice to say but a very large portion of people are either very stupid, unreasonable, uncivilized to the point of being antisocial, and any combination of the above.
Even if the vast majority of people you encounter are good and everything goes smoothly, you'll always have a percentage of clients like this, and even it's overall worth it because of the money, doing what you love, etc. you need to question whether it's worth the effect it has on your psychology and the way you see the world and humanity.



Wofl said...

For more on 4chan.org :


Note that 4chan, unlike other 'platforms' is not a commercial enterprise, BUT if you want to 'post', you'll find that the 'captchas' are totally indecipherable, so you have to pay $20membership to avoid them!

bandit said...

Yet it took me years, despite the user's privilege of receiving certain abuse, to detach myself from FB.
(I had become a boor)