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Sunday, 5 June 2022

Crocodiles on Greenland.*

There have already been 5 earthly extinctions
- one of which eliminated 95% of all life on the planet.
So the present one is no big deal, cosmically speaking.

What 'sticks in my throat' (so to speak) is that
the present one is occurring incredibly fast -
not over hundreds of thousands of years -
but only since the 'Stone Age' and
mainly in the last three or four hundred years,
and now at industrial speed -
due entirely to a rogue runaway species
powered entirely by greed.

* And no humans to admire them.


Wofl said...

Crocodiles survived the last two extinctions - and are hated by most humans.

Wofl said...

My favourite puppet-character was the Crocodile in Punch and Judy shows.