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Monday, 1 November 2021

Women further victimised

 - possibly by each other.
It seems that there is no agreed measurement
for breast-supporting apparel*.
Cup-size has no relation to actual volume,
but to the difference between girth below the breasts
and the girth across them.  This could be quite small,
so that a well-built or voluminous woman with large breasts
might require a "B-cup"
while a skeletal woman with average breasts
could claim to be "D-cup" or more.
They now go as 'high' as G.
Moreover, these so-called sizes vary
from country to country.

Thus the fifty-year old rumour that most women
are wearing the wrong size of 'bra' or brassière*
is quite true, as you might now have guessed.

It is much simpler for men.  Since I was 20
I have had a 30" waist, 32" leg
and a pathetic weakling's 36" chest.

*Brassière in French means 'vest/undershirt'.
Down-to-earth Danish has brystholder (breast-holder)
for which the French is soutien-gorge (throat-support).

Go figure! 

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