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Monday, 1 February 2021

An Orwellian American Euphemism.

A prison is not a Correctional Facility,
but a dysfunctional dump for the poor and disadvantaged.

*footnote: Loyal readers will remember that I spent three months in an old, overcrowded gaol in 1973.
Since I was not disadvantaged, it was an eye-opening and useful experience.


Anonymous said...


I visited that gaol. I see that you were writing then too, as I saw your initials carved in to the cell wall :-) With kindest regards, C.

Wofl said...

I guess you visited it as a pre-Covid tourism-experience.

I was dealing with a publisher (Blackstaff Press) while I was incarcerated. Conditions back then (though there could be 4 to a two-man cell and no running water) were OK - unless you had a cell with broken windows in winter....