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Saturday, 12 December 2020

Even as hunter-gatherers

we changed the landscape,
extinguished species
of animals and plants.
We may not yet be near the end
of our anti-evolutionary trance.


Cattle, goats, sheep and wheat have, until recently, at least,
(along with boat-building anf fire-burning)
been our principal weapons of the fast destruction
which will end only with the last farmer, shopkeeper and priest.


Jindra K. Hrdlička said...

My post of admiration can be found on: https://jhrdlicka.blogspot.com/ Thank you for your inspiration.

Wofl said...

Thank you Jindra.
I am amazed that anyone reads my blog.
My daily blog = my daily crap ?
A big hug to Líša. (Salami isn't so good for dogs. Offal is best. And they can be happily almost-vegetarians. A rich meat diet can give them kidney problems, cancer... Canned food kills them and the dog-food industry should be prosecuted for mass canicide.

Anonymous said...

You can be sure that many more people read your blog
than your counter does claim. Firefox does autoblock it,
as it is considered "tracking". That is, if you rely on
your statistics page to learn about the number of readers.


Wofl said...

Many thanks for this.

I almost never check my freader-statistics. But I see that I received 35 views today and 65 yesterday, which is uplifting.

I looked up Firefox tracker-blocking but I don't see how it affects Blogger.

Anonymous said...

If you open up your Firefox browser and press Ctrl + Shift + K a console will open up.
One can cause a lot of malice with it, but when one just wants to look at how things operate behind the curtains of Firefox, you can find tab called "network analysis". If you open the website of your blog, it shows you all the requests the browser does send out or suppresses. If you set firefox privacy to 'strict' the communication to statcounter will be blocked and that might affect visitor statistics. Then again, maybe Blogger does count visits internally, too.

Wofl said...

I gave up Firefox a long time ago, and now use Opera.

But to return to the original post...

see this article HOW CIVILISATION BROKE OUR BRAINS in The Atlantic :