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Saturday, 13 June 2020

Pondering racism,

thinking of Covid-19,
I'm wondering
do bleak lives matter ?
Mine is not bleak
and doesn't matter at all,
not even to me.  But of course
I'd rather not suffer.

(I write as an inside-sort of outsider.)

Pondering racism
I notice that no-one is saying or writing
that many brown people,
(most of them Hindus locked into Caste)
are racist, and in countries where skins
are a pale shade of yellow
people in the quite recent past
have been known to avoid or attack
humans with skins which are black.


vwilcke said...

I work at Pace Gallery in NYC and am trying to get in touch about reproducing a photograph we believe you own the rights to in a book the gallery is publishing. Can email me back so we can discuss licensing.
THank you

Wofl said...

Dear Mr Wilcke,

I cannot reply to you - since you did not include an e-mail address in your message. My e-mail is easy to find on my main website (www.beyond-the-pale.uk/feedback.htm)

I cannot imagine that the opulent and very ugly Pace Gallery could want one of my photos. Its website is un-navigable and obviously doesn't want common people to contact it from afar.


Yours sincerely,

Anthony Weir