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Friday, 27 March 2020

The story so far.

Governments have opted for the risk of psycho-social disintegration
in the ludicrous hope that they can prevent the spread of the virus
and hence economic collapse.
No life-skills are taught in schools,let alone the basics of epidemiology;
civilisations have progressively abandoned them,
and all sorts of independence and intelligence have been deliberately discouraged.
Social breakdown will automatically lead to economic 'crash'...

But perhaps I'm being over-optimistic.

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Wofl said...

Over a million people in and around Paris (the wealthier 17% of the population) left for their second homes in the past week. Shades of 1940...

There are no tourists in Paris, instead of the usual 100,000 at this time of year.

A pity I can't enjoy the silent streets.