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Saturday, 6 August 2016


There's always a list,
no - many lists -
and always
at the very least
one list (if not a hundred and two)
which includes you,
long before you are on the list of the dead.

Where there is Government there is counting of heads.
Civilisation is composed almost entirely of lists.
Voter-lists, passenger lists, lists of prisoners, soldiers,
Lists are neither false nor true,
they are just lists, but one or more of them
might do for you.
There are lists of pacifists and terrorists -
and the Great List that is Google,
and the even greater list that The Alleged God
(or Big Bang) is always adding to
and perhaps even subtracting from.

The Sublime and Gentle, Holy Walt had lots of lists in his holistic,
outpouring poetry.

                                Here is a list of  what I think are my Good Points:
I am quiet.
If I am drunk or stoned, I am even quieter, and smile a lot.
I grow things for their beauty and my pleasure.
I am surprisingly patient:
I waited 40 years for my Puya to flower.
I have a little badger-sanctuary
where I planted a Pseudopanax ferox.

I don't bother people,
have no ambition or desire to raise myself above them,
avoid people so as not to frighten or annoy them.
I am an excellent translator of poetry.
I had no and am no father: I had myself sterilised.
I have "low sex-drive", am not driven by anything
except avoidance of stress.
I am not possessive, so I am incapable of sexual jealousy,
and have no political or financial acumen,
have never been a debtor. 

I have always liked go to bed early.
I love poetical lists.
I love dogs, the bigger the better.

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Alma Kaselis said...

Love the poem. Very you very sincere.