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Monday, 30 November 2015

Hot Tip for Sensualists

Boys, Dudes and Gentlemen-
Don't wash your hands
after chopping the chilli.
Pull down your pants
and wipe them on your willy.
Girls, women, ladies can (of course) do the same
though their (just as sensitive)
much smaller willy doesn't quite rhyme.

1 comment:

Marcus Billson said...

We cook a lot of Mexican cuisine and use chiles a lot, having to deseed them and dice them. I can say from experience they burn the penis badly, and I have told my wife she cannot cut them up--that's my job. Even so, I wear plastic gloves when I do, and even those don't completely keep the chile oils from my hands. This not good advice, Auban. Or your peppers are not really that hot.