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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Today, at 21.45 hours I was informed

that I hadn't put up a blog.
This surprised me for a second.
Then it did not surprise me, because
I am drifting slowly and none-too-gladly
towards senility.  This is what it is to
'not be quite with it', to start to
'lose my marbles' driftingly.

I have a stash of blog-material,
but today I simply forgot to put up a blog
(like a candidate ? like a poster ?)
because I was dealing with other matters,
such as the rigmarole of changing ISP*
to one which is 10 euros a month cheaper;
and responding to a surprising
amount of correspondence arising
from yesterday's blog; and coping
with the mistake of having received an item
one of whose measurements I specified in inches
instead of centimetres; and vacuuming
the shared car just before the other sharer arrives
on Saturday
(an opportunity offered by the temporary closure
of my narrow street for work on guttering which involves
a telescopic doo-dah on a lorry/truck),
and now the computer-window has stuck...
because I pressed a key which produced a pop-up
for Google Feedback (which I was able to cancel
only when I went full-screen) -
...what was I writing ?  Oh yes...

The days pass in a strange kind of slow-motion
which sometimes speeds up, and I fall away...
I went with Bonobo (who has now gone to Greece)
to see the Palestinian film Girafada, which I recommend.
That was on Monday...

24 hours later:

This Friday evening I went to "the wrong film" -  
The Amazing Spiderman -
instead of Dans la Cour with Gustave Kervern & Catherine Deneuve.
It was ten seconds before I took a reality-check.I left after enduring ten minutes of pure dreck.

*Internet Service Provider


Marcus Billson said...

What you term senility is not what you think it is, or at least what you describe here. This is a very funny posting, since it incapsulates our crazy, complicated, detailed driven, absolutely vital (so we think) task-oriented daily lives, even, as in your case, in rural France. Menschlich alzu menschlich.

Wofl said...

I am guilty, O wise one, of 'reality-confusion'. Now I will go and brush up my Nietzsche.