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Friday, 23 May 2014

Just as nobody seems to mention the hideous wall

built by an occupying Rogue State,
which not only runs right through the West Bank of Palestine
but also has not reduced the number of humiliating checkpoints
that everyone must endure without protest —

so nobody seems to be asking why there are billions
of unnecessary (and mostly hideous) tee-shirts
made by poor people who have to slave in sleaze,
from cotton grown on vast areas of rich land
which could be used for growing food for the locals,
or for growing trees.


Marcus Billson said...

It takes a website and blog like yours to remind us all of what is and what we don't see. Indifference and apathy are not necessarily willful nor weak-willed but mostly the result of ignorance.

Wofl said...

The world's news media (including even al-Jazeera) are complicit, of course, by wilfully, intentionally, and with malice aforethought, committing Crimes of Not-Reporting...!