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Tuesday 2 July 2024

Declaration by a Sort-of-Marxist.

The problem with Christianity

is that it has no philosophy

except for vague but limited do-goodism

tacked on to Judaic pseudo-history

and rejection of simple (sometimes Judaic) sexuality,

especially that of women.

These things it shares with Islam. 

I sort-of-believed the nonsense for almost a year

but have subsequently remained puzzled by,

fixated on why anyone believed, believes it.

I went on to study the finer forms of Buddhism...

but Marx won out, by his affirmation of fairness,

fair play, dislike of greed, acquisitiveness.

Now Marx has also been sent to the abattoir.

He's bloody dead.

We now have the world-wide 

religion-web of acquisition and envy instead.

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