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Sunday 23 June 2024

The Fear of Solitaries.


No, social pressure puts it in our heads.

If we are alone or solitary
we are viewed as unusual
if not freaks.

On the other hand, the 'fragmented society'
greatly benefits deviators and those
who have the emotional strength
to heal-whole themselves
and choose solitude: those who don't need
'validation' from others.

Aristophanes' famous story in Plato's Symposium
that humans originally were whole hermaphrodites
bisected because of their arrogance
reinforces the idea that without our other half
we cannot be whole or, often, even acceptable.

This story acknowledges the usually-unmentioned
role of unavailable sex in the suffering of loneliness
and feeling of loss,
whereas solitude implies a voluntary state
and the possibility of something gained.

'The Lonely' are also 'highly vulnerable'
to conspiracy theories.

1 comment:

Alma Kaselis said...

I am a loner. For me cure is working with hands: cleans my head, but I am also 8+ hours in front of 3 monitors and dealing with with people...over the phone, e-mail, texts.