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Saturday 3 February 2024

Talking to No-one.

I am interested in almost everything
(apart from sport and gossip)

Most other people seem interested in almost nothing
(apart from gossip, and – in men's case – sport)

And so, living alone, most of my conversations*
are in my head, you see,
in e-mails and with books I'm reading,
and with radio 4 on the BBC...

...and, instead of being snooty about your smartphone
I should be very grateful for the freedom
and the intelligence to live without one.

I'd really rather have an onion-peeler.

*Language for Noam Chomsky is a computational module restricted entirely to the individual, and devoid of communicative, cultural or social aspects.
If it has any remaining purpose or function, it exists merely for talking to oneself.

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