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Monday 5 February 2024

Most noses

are beautiful – on dogs and donkeys
elephants, ant-eaters, possums, pandas, pangolins,
gorillas, polecats, capybaras, rats and rabbits
and rhinoceroses,

and many individuals of
a couple of the human 'races' –
though not the ugly, bony honks
on most, including us palefaces.

photo by Amadolou


On the other hand, almost all human and primate ears
are beautiful and fascinating.

* * *

the-evolution-of-the-human-nose---why-is-it-so-big ?


Leprosy might make a nose (painfully) more proportionate but a 'nose-job' is more advisable.  I think I'd like a nice wet, black dog-nose (and, of course, black skin) instead of the protuberance I have so long lived with.

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