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Monday 15 January 2024

Even the Nazis

in the 1920s
realised that humans
were already stripping out
and outstripping the earth's resources.

Unfortunately they used this insight
to justify their repulsive, elitist
selective and irrational eugenic theory.

see: https://www.academia.edu/27372180

Nevertheless, there can be no solution
to global warming and appalling global waste
caused by human desire for physical comfort
without a severe reduction in human population,

especially the greatest consumers
(the middle classes and the rich)
and by abandoning most medical treatment,
almost all sources of comfort.

But of course it is at least four generations
too late for that, even it if were feasible.

And so we of the middle class drink our coffee,
eat our fish-farmed trout,
and steel ourselves for massive world migration,
famine, pandemic, war and drought.

The Human Behavioural Crisis

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