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Wednesday 17 January 2024

After Harlequin ladybirds came Stink-bugs.

Since I moved here a few years ago (is it six, or eight ?)
shield-bugs have proliferated inside the house in winter,
on floors and walls and windows. 
They are also known as stink-bugs,
because, when touched, they emit a smell
a bit like bitter almonds (cyanide ?)
which I quite like.
I'm sniffing my fingers while I type.

Now, are you going to tell
me that I've no sense of smell ?

I certainly would find it difficult to distinguish
the aroma of a Saint-Nectaire cheese
from the odour between my toes.

1 comment:

Wofl said...

That certainly is a terrific photo of a stink-bug (as good as one of yours ?), and the subject very much more beautiful than narcissistic Caravaggio!

Yours with shield-bugs on his living-room walls,


(I have just two warm rooms in my house, neither of them a bathroom or a kitchen.)