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Saturday 4 November 2023

Often, the 'bitterest enemies'

(almost always anti-democrats)
help each other 'maximally'.

For example:
Ghazi Hamad (leader of Hamas)
and Benjamin Netanyahu
(prime minister of Israel).
play their intoxicating,
ecstatic, two-hander
while hundreds of thousands suffer,
and millions may yet be affected.

Autocrats and extremists
get on like a house on fire.


Wofl said...

I wonder how many Jew-haters and Palestinian-supporters outside the 'Middle East' would like to live under Hamas' totalitarian rule ?
Not queers, of course, for a start...

Wofl said...

“We are stuck in the middle between the racism of the Israeli state and brutality of Hamas,” said Ata Abu Mdegem, the mayor of Rahat, a sprawling Bedouin city of 76,000 people in the Negev desert that is 20 miles east of Gaza.