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Friday 10 November 2023


No path, nor romantic poet's winding stair,

just festering slope down to where

the tottering piles and pyres

and lakes of noxious slime

pooling in desert

will shortly be – and there 

in due or undue course

forget forgetting, forgo forgoing,

deny denying,

and, staggering past the treadless tyres,

and the endless slashing, mowing,

follow the faded peach-petals (plastic)

up the sewer of night fantastic

back to the whining end of amputated time.

1 comment:

Alma Kaselis said...

There is mathematical time (we live in) but time is a duration. Probably this human invention was to make things not fall all at once. They still do fall all at once. As Lithuanian proverb says that the Trouble never walks alone.