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Tuesday 7 November 2023

On the occasion of her 80th birthday

I heard by accident a famous song* by Joni Mitchell
whom I had never heard before :
trite words, boring non-tune...so I clicked
on a youTube suggestion and got this

and I thought what a world! where relatively
talentless, crude and overblown
Americans are adulated, rich and famous,
while great musicians in most other places
are unappreciated and unknown.

* 'Both sides now'

Since writing this I heard her sing My Old Man
with great musicianship (and, of course, back-up.


Wofl said...

Of course, by definition, 'pop-songs' appeal to boring, groovy normals, and not to independent thinkers or other abnormals. Some pop-songs are thus pernicious. "When you're smiling..." a highly popular song of the 1930s, can only have made the sad, melancholic, unemployed and depressed feel worse - and guilty.

Much more successfully than normality-obsessed and -imposing, monocultural France, America has imposed uniformity around the world, by pop-song, fast-food, Coca/Pepsi-Cola, and especially its cultural propaganda films (95% of Hollywood's shameful/shameless output) which have been resisted only by the firmer forms of Islam.

Wofl said...

Though Islamic resistance to Hollywood films might not be unconnected with the uncomfortable fact that most studios were controlled and financed by Jews...who had been forced to Los Angeles – as much by the usual European anti-Jewish sentiment in New York, where the American film industry briefly started, as by the attraction of perpetual sunshine and cheap Mexican labour.