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Friday 27 October 2023

The Guardian newspaper

invited its readers to comment on an Opinion Piece
about Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the near-Stalinist
'leader of the French Left'.

Mélenchon and the Judeophobe left.

This whole complex and tangled issue could certainly do without Walter-Ulbricht Mélenchon sticking his rotting, anti-Jewish oar into the mælstrom.

[Please can we stop using 'anti-semitic' to mean anti-Jewish ?  Most of the people of the Middle East are Semites (Sons of Shem rather than Ham). Iranians are the big Indo-European exception.]

It is very hard to be pro-Jewish as I am, while being anti-Israel.  Israeli policy towards the Palestinians is not so different to that of people of the Western Russian Empire towards Jews.   After independence, Arabs were progressively stripped of rights and protections.  So now, little by little, Israel has created a  burgeoning world-wide dislike of its Jewish inhabitants (increasingly right-wing and narrowly Hasidic as they have streamed from Russia and Eastern Europe over the past 30 years) because of its anti-Palestinian policies, which are not even 'inclusivist' - as is the mendacious pretence here in France.

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