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Thursday 10 August 2023


 The hair on the Great Gorgon's scalp

was composed of cheerfully-active snakes.

Her piercing gaze 'turned men to stone'

or froze their hot testosterone'.

My serpents wriggle inside my head

they'll keep on trying to get out - or help -

until I'm dead.


Anonymous said...

A few nights ago I dreamed about pushing your corpse on a cart out of the house I'm living in to - if i am not mistaken - the house of my neighbour who suffers from dementia. I was quite preoccupied with the blanket I had used to cover your body, wondering about how to cleanse it afterwards and thought of using chlorine gas to dissolve its fabric. Your "partner" or friend who helped me push the cart reassured me that a regular detergent will do.

That's about it. I don't remember if there was anymore context to this dream.
Obviously, you are still alive and kicking!
And you'd likely recommend against using any detergent!


Wofl said...

Well, I'd recommend detergent if my corpse had been stinking or crawling or bloody. Otherwise I'm sure a good airing would have been sufficient.
A few nights ago I was feeling rather low...perhaps we have telepathic communication.