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Saturday, 20 May 2023

The Biggest Threat to the World

is not the crude aggressiveness
of "tin-pot" Putin and slavish Russia

but the corruption of cultures
and minds by the USA and its
turbo-capitalist, class-ridden
anti-culture of untrammelled
ambition and greed.

Everywhere in the world
you can see the ugly American
baseball cap, and hear ugly
American music: Soft Power.

Everywhere in the world
ugly American lies
about freedom, democracy 
and all that crap are enthusiastically
propagated and believed.

As for freedom:
25% of all known prisoners in the world
languish in the Land of the Free,
most of them not pinko-gray.

As for democracy: there are only two political parties
both of them crudely right-wing, both of them financed
by gross billionaires and transnational planet-destroyers.

In the Home of the Brave,
there are more guns than people or dogs
or coyotes or bison.
Guns appoeal greatly to testosterone-toxic cowards. 
The US has twice as many guns per person than
the next highest-in-league country: Yemen. 

In the Land of Opportunity
the gap between very rich
and very poor is by far the greatest in the world,
and a quarter of the population has no access
to medical treatment.

And we have all been Americanised,
however reluctantly
by the most successfully-aggressive
pizza and hamburger, monopoly
monoglot culture yet devised.



Wofl said...

The most violent (self-destructively successful) cultures
have been monoglot:

American, Russian, British, French,
Dutch, Spanish, Roman, Arab...and so on.

Wofl said...

In 1950s Indiana, a prison sentence of up to 14 years could be imposed on anyone who 'aided or instigated anyone under 21 to Commit Masturbation'.

Kill-joy and repressive Christianity has ever been 'raring to go' in the Shameful, Shameless Republic.

May 20, 2023