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Saturday, 13 May 2023

Part of my garden

after recent, welcomed rain.

Well, not really.
This was once a dump of ashes & small items
by the gable of a Catholic nursery school (that is to say
a Catholic indoctrination centre) run by
The Good Sisters who got rid of the ash from
their wood-burning stoves
like they got rid of doubt.

The old-fashioned nursery-school closed. 
A couple of years later
I arrived nearby, and saw an opportunity for
embellishment-experiment.  I 'took it
upon myself'.Ashes are dry. Caylus sits upon
porous limestone.  It has taken seven years
for this former dump to transform. 
Above it, to the right, are the remains
(a square keep or donjon) of a twelfth century castle.
From now on (after years of waste-water
nurturing in summer), this little prettified
cornerof Caylus
will probably hold its own against drought.

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Wofl said...

Also planted here are Rosemary, Lavender, 3 kinds of Periwinkle, 2 kinds of Rose, 2 kinds of small-leafed flowering sage, Japanese anemones, Pyrenean lilies (which don't do well because of the lack of rain), Acanthus, Nandina, various bulbs such as crocus and quamash, and Clerodendrum (replacing a Feijoa which some enterprising chasp stole).